AP Gov Update

What have we been up to?

Unit 1

We are ending our work on Unit 1, which has covered the following topics:

Civic and Political Participation: (See our project link below)

Political Socialization and Factors that Influence Us

Public Opinion

Political Parties

Political Ideology

Try the links below! We used these to help us identify our political identity.
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Formative Assessments


Schoology Checks for Understanding


Bell Ringers


What's That Word?

FRQ 101

Free Response Questions are different in AP Gov than they are in AP Euro or in AP US. We watched a short tutorial (see below), then we examined a question relevant to our current study of political parties. After dissecting the question we reviewed example answers to practice assessing them. What are the raters looking for? Where were the student examples losing points? We then voted via Google Form to see what grade we would have given it. We did a great job identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as pointing out specific points that would have made the FRQ better.
How to write an AP Gov FRQ

Unit II

In this unit, we will be studying

Interest Groups: Types, Why People Join, Strategies, Influence, PACs

Elections: Types, Office Requirements, Reforms, The Electoral College, Ballots, Advocacy Groups, How Voters Decide and Why Some Don't Vote

The Media: Influence, Bias, Roles, Access Points

What did we do THIS Week? (11.09-11.13)

This week in AP Gov encompassed a whole week's worth of fun activities!

Monday: We discussed the difference between primaries and caucuses and EVEN had a real in-class caucus in which we tried to persuade other groups to join our corner based on platforms of the Republican candidates.

Tuesday: We learned about Initiative, Referendum and Recall. We implemented this knowledge when we received an assignment in which we learned how to contact our state officials: Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and State Senator Fred Akshar. That was REALLY neat because now we have this skill for the future!

Thursday: We continued to work hard on our letters to our state representatives. In the letters, we discussed the current state of I,R,&R in New York and whether we want to KEEP it that way or CHANGE it.

Friday: We discussed the different types of ballots, including party-column ballots, office-column ballots, and the Australian ballot. Also, we learned about the hanging chad issue from the election of 2000 (Bush vs. Gore).

Click the links below to see more in-depth descriptions of what we did.

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