Poster My Wall

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What is Poster My Wall?

Postermywall is an online web tool that allows you to create fancy flyers and creative posters! There are so many ways to use images, clip art and text in the classroom. Instead of having the students draw or color a picture - go digital! The students can save their work AND edit using a desktop or chromebook computer. Same creativity...better tools!

Poster My Wall Challenge

You must include the following on your poster

Please create a poster you can use in class. Must be connected to content!!

  • Add 1 Photo that you have saved on your computer (include the source)

  • Add Text

  • Add Fancy Text

  • Add 5 pieces of Clipart

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How do you receive a badge?

Poster Submission:

  • Once you have finished with your poster, click the ‘Share’ button

  • Log in or create a new user (if you have not already done so)

  • Give your poster a name & select, ‘Share your poster online’.

  • Click ‘Grab the link or HTML code’

  • Copy the LINK only

  • Click on Poster By Wall badge button below

  • Complete the form with your name and 'Paste' the link into the Google Form

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