The Coordinator Weekly

Rite-Hite Sales Coordinator "Immersion" Report

Written this week by Jim Schweitzer

Week 11 - Dok-Lok's, Dok-Lok's and more Dok-Lok's!

The sign-offs came pouring in this week. Everyone got at least one sign-off, with 1 person getting as many as six! In addition, we had our first Coordinator finish all of his demonstrations. Not far behind, a few others have just 1 one sign-off to go.

As Troy and Ken's schedule is filling up next week, the group was required to finish their Dok-Lok sign-offs by next week Tuesday, and it looks as if everyone will make that deadline. It was a fast and furious week, but also an extremely productive one. Those who were a bit behind got caught up, leaving everyone in a good spot to finish on time. It should be exciting to see who takes home the King Pin for good!

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Sign-Off Update

As you may know, the Sales Coordinators are responsible for getting "signed off" on 9 different product demonstrations/presentations. The list consists of the following:

SHR-5000 Demonstration

RHH-4000 Demonstration

Seals/Shelters/Zoneworks Demonstration

FasTrax Demonstration

Revolution Fan Demonstration

Dok-Guardian/GateKeeper Demonstration

In-Plant Barrier Systems Presentation

PMP Presentation

Territory Management Presentation

Here is where everyone stands to this point!

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Total "Immersion"

Time was also spent this week working on both individual and group requirements.

Thank you to the following individuals for their contributions this week (I'm sorry if I missed anyone):

The RSVP Group for volunteering their time to help the group with their demonstrations.

Maggie Cain for furthering the groups knowledge on Lotus Notes.

John Ritter for discussing the very important step of Proposing with the group.

Troy Bergum and Ken Bowman for listening to what I am sure felt like 8000 Dok-Lok demonstrations.

Joe Manone for hosting the group for dinner.

Jim Oates for listening to multiple demonstrations.

And to the various members of the Rite-Hite Team who spent "unscheduled" time getting to know our participants and fostering their growth in the company.

Introducing The King Pin!

The King Pin Award

Each week, Sales Coordinators compete with each other to earn the coveted "King Pin" Award for outstanding achievement. In addition to a points earning system, votes are cast by participants and those interacting with the participants. The weekly winner will proudly sign their name to the award and keep it for the week.

At the end of The Program, the overall winner will get to keep the award forever and always!

Week 11 King Pin- Drew Jones

We have our first 3 time winner! Drew put a ton of work in this week and completed every last one of his demonstrations. In the end, drew got signed off on the Dok-Lok, PMP, Territory Management, Barrier Systems, Dok Guardian/Gatekeeper and Fans. Drew was the first in the class to finish, and this does not come as a surprise. He has consistently worked hard, asked great questions, owned his mistakes and stayed extremely positive. This is a recipe for success both here in the Coordinator Program, and in his career in sales. We can fully expect Drew to be in the running for the class King Pin handed out next week!

"Immersion" Report

Becca's Angels

Kyle Fancher - Committed to being more "Available."

Following his second King Pin win, Kyle focused his attention on the Dok-Lok. As expected, Kyle earned the sign-off, and began focusing on the Dock Leveler. However, this is not what was most impressive about Kyle this week. As he had committed, Kyle made himself "available" to his peers. He spent a lot of time helping out his classmates on the Dok-Lok demonstration, giving them valuable tips and pointers. This is the kind of team mentality we encourage. Nice work Kyle!

Drew Jones - Committed to be more "In The Moment."

As stated above, Drew won the King Pin for the third time. It again was well earned as he got an astounding six sign-offs in one week. He will be in the running for Class King Pin, but more importantly, we are all excited to see the success Drew has in the field!

Becca Conn - Committed to being more "Flexible."

Becca earned her Dok-Lok sign-off this week as well. Her attention has now turned to the Fastrax door. It is likely she would have gotten that sign-off as well, but Becca's week ended up getting cut short. She was invited by her new district (Arbon St. Louis) to come down and join in the celebration at their holiday party. This is a great opportunity for Becca to build some good relationships within the organization!

Chris Dumphy - Committed to being more "Helpful."

Chris put forth a great effort and just missed out on the King Pin this week. He turned in 6 sign-offs and fell just short of a seventh. In the end, Chris finished Barriers, Dok Guaridan/Gatekeeper, Levelers, Fans, PMP and Territory Management. His Friday afternoon attempt at a Dok-Lok sign-off that would have given him the King Pin fell just short. However, the effort was very obvious and must be recognized. If he can put forth this kind of effort consistently, we can expect success in Chris' future!

The Green Bay Dockers

Ryan Barth - Committed to being "Passionate."

Ryan checked off four more demonstrations this week as he earned the sign-off in Dock Levelers, Dok-Guardian'/Gatekeeper, PMP and Territory Management. This leaves three sign-offs left for Ryan. With his focus now on the Dok-Lok, he is on pace to finish on time. This was a huge week for Ryan, as he can say he bested his idol, Kobe Bryant. Ryan got more sign-offs this week than the Lakers have wins on the entire season.

Colton Altier - Committed to being more "Carefree."

Colton had another strong week as he earned three more sign-offs. He checked off the Dok Guardian/Gatekeeper demo, his PMP presentation and his Dok-Lok demo. Among these, the Dok-Lok was the most impressive, as Colton became only the third person in Sales Coordinator history to get signed off on the first try! Keep up the good work Colton!

Eleeza Cox - Committed to being more "Positive."

Eleeza had a great week. She earned a sign-off on Territory Management, Fans, Dok Guardian/Gatekeeper and Dock Levelers. This leaves her with just one left... the Dok-Lok. Although this is the most difficult one, Eleeza also found time to get prepared for it this week. We can fully expect her to get the sign-off early next week. It is very possible that Eleeza will be the second one done!

Eric DiSantis - Committed to being more "Dedicated."

Eric had a productive week, getting signed off on Levelers, Dok Guardian/Gatekeeper, Territory Management and PMP. In addition to this, Eric was selected for "The Floor is Yours" activity. He took his time to discuss his love for music. As Eric has been in a band for years, it was very interesting to listen to him, More importantly, we now know NOT to get him the new Drake album for his birthday!

What's Next?

After a week full of Dok-Lok demonstrations, the group only has one week left. In the final week, everyone needs to make sure to finish up the rest of their sign-offs, as well as checking off any final meetings.

The group looks forward to graduating at the end of next week!