Second Grade

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Book orders are due this Wednesday. Please do not feel that you must order only from the catalog. Please browse the site for many other great deals and books your child will love!


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What's happening this week...

Reading- . Our weekly story is Tara and Tiree. We will discuss problems characters face and how they solve them and character feelings. Reading Logs are in your child's Fish Notebook. Please sign each night. Please have your child read for a total of 20 minutes each day. Talk to your child as they read to you each night. Ask them questions about what they read.

Language Arts- This week's spelling patterns are r controlled vowels -ar, -or and -ore. Students learned that when they hear the or sound at the end of the word it must in in an e. We also learned there are exceptions to this rule, like four and for. We will continue to practice identifying this pattern in our reading and centers as well. We are begining a 5 week unit over nouns. This week we will begin by review what nouns are: person, place, thing/animal.

Math-- We are half way done with our skip counting and number patterns unit. It has been going very well. Keep practicing skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's. We are at the point where we do not always start at 2, or 5 or 10. Have them practice starting a various spots, like counting by 5's starting at 35, or 2's starting at 26, etc. We will take a look at more equal groups, arrays and even and odd numbers this week. We will have a Math test NEXT Wednesday the 24th.

*Remember to practice math facts every day. It is so important that they are fluent in those facts. Use or whatever strategy works best for your child.

Social Studies/Science--We will have a test over Georgia Regions and Rivers this Wednesday. Their journals went home last week for them to study. Their journal is filled with different facts about geography and natural resources of each region. They also include maps of the regions and rivers to help them study where they are located. Please remember that our journals contain all the information students need to study.

Rock Star of the Week

Ethan Bohannon

Coke Fund Raiser

All profits will benefit the Conyers Campus. Profits will be used to purchase math manipulatives for the classrooms.


If you have not signed up for PTO please do! We want 2nd grade to have 100% participation. Thank you so much in advance!

Box Tops and Campbell's Soup Labels

Don't forget to collect those labels and turn them in!!!!

A big thank you to everyone collecting!!!