The Misfits

Author: James Howe Presentation by: Tanner Wolfe

The Misfits

There is not a scene in this book so i'm going to tell you about the story.

the characters in the misfits is: Joe, Addie, Skeezie and bobby.They are like the people who do not fit in. They are rejected threw out there whole lives and are forced to be denied but one day they decide to make a party for a diplomatic type project and are denied and called names. So later after a day or so bobby comes up with and idea for a new party called the no name party and they want to be secretive about it so they put up posters before and after school. When the principal sees them putting up the signs he tells them to stop but they explain why they are putting up the posters and why they are doing it and the principle accepts it, but they become really important but they but they don't win the elections and they make a week called no name week.

characters background

At the beginning of the story there nobody and no one likes them. They are called names and bullied but they call them selves the gang of 5 (theres not actually 5 theres four it just sounds better thats what they say in the book). Addie starts out new really smart a control freak and a rule maker. She does not like the idea of the pledge of allegiance because she believes there is no real justice in the world and refuses to do it. Bobby is the small one he does not talk much even though he wants to. He is called fat fluff and so many other fat names because he is bigger and he has been called that his whole life but that is all about to change. Skeezie is more of the "bad boy" in the group, he was a mean bully before he met the gang of 5 but when he met them Addie talked to him and he became her friend and he is not to mean anymore but he's mean to people who bully them. Joe is the awkward slash colorful type guy in the story, he is called names like tinky winky, gay, faggot, wierd and stupid