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Visit Malaysia. Malaysia has 2 parts. One is the Peninsula Malaysia, and the other one is East Malaysia (in Borneo Island). The people of Malaysia are called Malaysian. Malaysian are made up of Malays, Chinese, Indians, and Orang Asli (indegenious people). The belief system in Malaysia are Islam, Buddism, Hinduism and Christianity. There are also famous buildings in Malaysia, and the most famous one is the KLCC.

The Malaysian Flag

The Malaysian flag has many symbols. The 14 pointed stars represent the unity of the thirteen states and the federal government. The 14 equal stripes represent the equal status of the 13 states and the federal government. The crescent moon symbolizes Islam. The blue colour symbolizes the unity of the Malaysian and the yellow colour shows the royalty.

Quick Facts

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The climate is hot and humid. It rains a lot in Malaysia. But it rains so much when it's November-February. Usually people bring their umbrellas in their car.

Independence Day

At the beginning, the Portuguese were the 1st Europeans to occupy Malaysia in 1511. In 1641 the Dutch took over. And finally in 1795, the British started to rule. The Japanese occupied the country during World War II. After the war, the Malaysians began to work towards independence. Finally on the 31 August 1957, Malaya gained independence from the British. In 1963 Singapore got separated from the Federation Of Malaya. Sabah and Sawarak joined us and got a new name Malaysia!
New Year Fireworks 2013 - LIVE from KLCC

The Petronas Towers 2013 Fireworks (Ceremony for New Year's Day)

Main products/ crops

Main Crops: Rubber, Palm oil, rice, coconut.

Major Industries: Oil palm and eletronics.

Malaysia Truly Asia [One Golden Celebration]

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