The Amazing Race!!

By Kailani Rhodes


You've been invited to The Amazing Race! So you and a friend will be competing against other teams to win somthing like, Double Your Money prize, where if the team that finished first on the first leg won the race, their grand prize would double from US$1 million to US$2 million; however, the team that won the prize was eliminated before the final leg and no one was eligible to win the increased prize money!!!
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There have been hundreds of challenges on The Amazing Race. Some challenges are more interesting than others. The Roadblocks. Fast Forwards, and Detours below are some of the most memorable in Race history.

Some challenges are...

  • Scavenger hunt find and follow the clues to get to the next location ~LA
  • Find the state Rock in hard to reach places (Mountain climbing) and grab 1 without the cactus pokeing you!~Phoenix AZ

The Amazing Race - University of Video Games

University of Video Games!!!!!

Burnie misses his boys, and he and Ashley explain how the game Pirates has contributed to their geographical knowledge. And Burnie and Ashley want to bring their kids (13,10,13:JD,10:Teddy) to the coolest places they've been so they're kids can see what its like

Los Angeles!!!!

The City of Los Angeles holds many distinctions. LA is the entertainment capital of the world, a cultural mecca boasting more than 100 museums, and a paradise of good weather. From tourist attractions like the Walk of Fame’s collection of stars (numbering 2,576, and growing by one or two a month) to career opportunities like those presented in the expanding tech industry, Los Angeles is the place to be. It is the only city in North America to have hosted the Summer Olympics twice. Downtown LA is the largest government center outside of Washington, D.C. Los Angeles has the only remaining wooden lighthouse in the state (located in San Pedro’s Fermin Park) and the largest historical theater district on the National Register of Historic Places (located Downtown on Broadway).
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Phoenix Az!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoenix is red rocks, blue sky and golden sunshine. Phoenix is mountain trails and city lights. Phoenix is palm-canopied resorts and mural-adorned streetscapes. Phoenix is the cosmopolitan heart of Arizona and the soul of the American Southwest.Their bird is a Cardinal!!And durring winter time it only gets cold durring night!So bring shorts and a jacket!!
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Manchester, England

Manchester is a major city in the northwest of England with a rich industrial heritage. The Castlefield Conservation Area’s 18th-century canal system harks back to the city’s days as a textile powerhouse, and you can trace this history at the interactive Museum of Science & Industry. The revitalised Salford Quays dockyards now houses the Daniel Libeskind-designed Imperial War Museum North and The Lowry cultural centre. :D
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London, England’s capital, set on the River Thames, is a 21st-century city with history stretching back to Roman times. At its centre stand the imposing Houses of Parliament, the iconic ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey, site of British monarch coronations. Across the Thames, the London Eye observation wheel provides panoramic views of the South Bank cultural complex, and the entire city.
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Lāhainā !!!

Lahaina is the largest census-designated place in West Maui, Maui County, Hawaii, United States, and the gateway to the famous Ka'anapali and Kapalua beach resorts to its north. As of the 2010 census, the CDP had a resident population of 11,704.

東京!!!!!! Aka Tokyo!!!!!!!!

Tokyo, Japan’s bustling capital, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers and anime shops to cherry trees and temples. The opulent Meiji Shinto Shrine is known for its towering gate and surrounding forests. The Imperial Palace sits amid sprawling public gardens. The city is famed for its vibrant food scene, and its Shibuya and Harajuku districts are the heart of its trendy teen fashion scene.
The Amazing Race trailer 2015 | WCCA Edition

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