The eighth wonder of the world


Peru used to be native to the tribe of the incas. There are many historic monuments like machu picchu, the number one preserved Inca site for more than 200 years, and the Inca trail, a long trail that weaves through all Incan towns and ruins. While you're by machu picchu, go and see Patallacta. It's an old Incan hillside village. Made 100s of years ago! This history goes deeper in itself.

Since the 1500s, the Incan empire grew. Until about 1530. When the Spanish concord them. Now only ghost towns remain of the incas. Giant monuments to remember them and there empires. Visit Peru to see why else they have. You'll be very happy you did.


Peru’s economy was facing severe strain in the early 1990s but now there fine. things to know is that almost ⅔ of peruvians that don’t live in poverty. Peru's natural resources are copper, silver, gold, fish,iron ore, oil, and timber so you probably have a good chance to get a 24 karat gold necklace. Peru is a member of the Andean Community trade bloc with 4 other countries. Wheat, potatoes, sugarcane, rice, and coffee are important agricultural products. Agriculture accounts for about one-third of all employment. Peru's fishing industry is one of the largest in the world. Their currency is the nuevo sol true fact one nuevo sol equals 0.36 $ or 36 cents.


I am going to be telling you about Peru’s Government. Peru has 25 regions and one constitutional province. The president serves a five-year term but can’t serve twice in a row. There are two vice presidents and a Council of Ministers. There are 130 members in the Congress who also serve five-year terms. If you live in Peru and are between the age of 18 and 70 you are required to vote and if you don’t you are fined. That is some facts about Peru’s government.


In Peru people take their education very seriously education is free from the ages seven to sixteen. However, many schools facilities are inadequate, and lack basic materials. More children are staying in school than did in the past. another fact is that the literacy is higher in teenagers than in adults. another known fact is that peru has the same core classes that we have but probably not all the same curriculum. in private schools provides education in English, Italian, German, Chinese, and French. More than 75 % of eligible children are enrolled in secondary schools. Enrollment in both primary and secondary schools is increasing in Peru.


Do like mountain climbing, then I got you coverd. Like Tropical beaches and pools? No problem. Want to see exotic desert animals? Then why are you still here. You should go and visit Pueru! The best time to visit is during the summer when the weather is nice and warm. Pueru has 3 main climates, Desert, Highlands, and Humid Tropical. The deserts are hot places that run far from the tropical side. The desert and tropics are separated by huge mountian ranges. Good for hiking and mountian climbing. The tropics are a wonderful place where resorts and pools flourish. Tropical areas have wonderful towns and beautiful wild life. So visit Pueru NOW! You'll be glad you did.


I am going to be telling you about Peru’s culture. The Roman Catholic church used to be the state church till 1979. Now there is freedom of religion. Most people speak Spanish and an indigenous language. If you go there I hope you like potatoes, rice, chicken, beans, fish, a variety of tropical fruits, and soups. Also if you like soccer it is the most popular sport in Peru. That is some facts about the culture of Peru.