District Update

March 26, 2020

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E-LEARNING ... now through April 24, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our school buildings are closed, but e-learning is in full swing. While this week was filled with lots of communication, drive-by deployments, meal delivery, tons of online meetings, and so much more ... we are confident we are now on track to continue educating all Maryville students AT HOME. As you know, Governor Lee recommended earlier this week that all school buildings remain closed in Tennessee through April 24. This means our return date (as of now) is April 27. Should that change again, we will be in touch.

Specific details about assignments and school-related information will be delivered to you by your classroom teacher and school administrators. However, we are collecting all major communication with parents and guardians on our website. First, if you are on your school website, just click on QUICKLINKS at the top and you'll find the latest updates from the school. Likewise, if you are on the district site, you can link to our updates in QUICKLINKS, from several places on the home page, and on the bold link below.


We now have a section on the COVID-19 UPDATE page of our district website to address some commonly asked questions. As you know, we are weeding through a great deal of information that changes on a regular basis. Having a central repository of information that is updated as quickly as we can make the changes, should prove to be helpful. Our goal is to offer weekly updates from the district office until students are allowed to return to our campuses and our new FAQ page will be a good place to check for new information or changes.

In addition, our district office is open Monday through Friday from 8am until noon. Please do not hesitate to call us at (865) 982-7121.


As your children are using their school-issued device (laptop or iPad) at home to complete assignments, technology issues may arise. If so, please use our fantastic team of professionals in IT for support. Simply link from CLASSLINK using the support icon or use this URL link to complete the support request form. https://bitly.com/mcsstudentsupport


As you are probably aware, we are offering free breakfast and lunch to students while our buildings are closed. The attached flyer gives you the details. PLEASE NOTE this important change to information shared last week ... Parents or guardians may pick up student meals when the student is not present. This just changed today and should make this process more convenient for many families. Keep in mind that these free meals are for all children and teens 18 years of age or younger ... so please take advantage of this if it would help your family.


THIS IS A REPEAT ... but hopefully, we all have a few extra minutes now to participate in the census.

The 2020 Census will provide a snapshot of our nation—who we are, where we live, and so much more. The results of this once-a-decade count determine the number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives. They are also used to draw congressional and state legislative districts. The results of the 2020 Census will inform decisions about allocating hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding to communities across the country—for hospitals, fire departments, school lunch programs, and other critical programs and services.

2020 Census PSA: How Do I Take the 2020 Census? (:30)