Devonian period

The Fish Age

Geological Events

During the Devonian Period; animals began to invade the land.During the Devonian Period; animals began to invade the land. During the Devonian, two major animal groups colonized the land. First, land living vertebrae, or tetrapods, the appeared during the Devonian. In the oceans, brachiopods flourished. Many new kinds of fish appeared.

What was the Devonian Period like?


Have you ever been to a desert? Not dessert like the treat you get after supper, desert as in the sandy deserted place with almost no water, and it barely rains. That is kinda what you have to imagine to get the visual of what it looked like in the Devonian Period. Although, there was an Ocean.

Dominant Ogranisms

Vertebrates and Invertebrates lived in the Devonian Sea. Though the invertebrates were in very many numbers at the time, The Devonian Period is often referred to as The Age of Fishes. At this time in history, ALL the main groups of fish were living in the ocean at this time.


When the Devonian period began about 400 million years ago the planet was changing its appearance. The great supercontinent of Gondwana was headed steady northward, drifting away from the South Pole, and a second supercontinent began to form that straddled the Equator .Red-colored sediments, made when North America collided with Europe, give the Devonian its name, as these interesting rocks were first studied in Devon, England.

What might you want to see?

Travelers might want to see the interesting fish, and caves made during the Devonian period. Since there once was an ocean that rose above and flooded some of North America, it probably made some pretty interesting caves.

What should you pack?

You should probably pack some summer clothes, since the Devonian Period was pretty much Summer! Also pack a battery powered fan. (So you’re not dying of humidity) Also plenty food and water. Now, I know what your saying, we can just eat the fish we catch right? Well, I wouldn’t. The fish in the devonian period swam in very dirty water, and could make you very very sick.

What kind of danger should you be aware of?

The fish during the Devonian Period had sharp teeth. Well, at least sharper than the fish you catch in a normal pond. And when you’re taking a swim, or even dipping your feet in the water, the fish might jump out and bite you! Also, you dont know what kind of animals could be on land.