The French Canadians immigrants

By:Asiya Adan

The French

The French are a nation and ethnic group who were identified with the country of France. Jacques Cartier was a French explorer he was know for exploring the St.Lawrence river and giving Canada its name. Samuel De Champlain another French explorer was the founder of Quebec city with 28 men. They came to Canada around 1608 year ago. Colonization was slow and very difficult. Many settlers died early because of harsh weather there were many diseases. Second permanent settlement in the colony of Canada .

The French Effect On Canada’s Present

After world war 2 there were giving for demands for the political autonomy ( self-rule ) in Quebec . French was recognized as Quebec’s official language in 1974. French Canadians are the the largest group of Francophone (French speakers in North America. Now there are 6.5 million French in Canadians living in Canada representing about quarter of country's total population. Many different people that french all over the world now all over Canada.