Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's Room 8 Class

Thank you

Our Year One Obstacle-A-Thon on Friday was a great success.

So far we have raised $1 170!

This will help purchase hands-on numeracy & literacy equipment for the year on classrooms. If you haven’t returned your sponsor sheet & donation yet, It’s not too late!

Thank you to the parents who came along to help cheer on our athletes and the ELC P&C sub-committee for helping to organise and support the event.

Tea Towel Fundraiser

The orders for the individualised class tea towels are due in no later than Monday the 4th of November. These make great keepsakes or Christmas presents. I know my nanna still has her in 1996 when I was in year 1! The order envelopes were sent home last week in their homework folders in a clear snap-lock bag. Please ask Sharon Marissen on Marie McLean, from the ECL P&C sub-committee, if you have any questions. The photo is an example of the previous tea towel.

Cooking this Term

This term we are continuing our rotational cross curricular program each Friday and Mrs Parke will continue with the cooking classes.

As mentioned last term the Kwobadarn Kitchen allows us to cook in small groups. So to make full use of the kitchen and maximise the opportunity for student learning and participation we will need at least three volunteers each week. If you are able to assist please fill in the roster which is located on the door of room 10.

In order to run the cooking sessions a payment of $12.00 is requested to cover the cost of ingredients. The permission form is attached. Please return as soon as possible.

Space Display

This term as a part of the new Arts unit on drama we have been learning about outer space. The students have been exploring movement using their whole body and expression to create a character. The class book corner has now been transformed into a spaceship! Feel free to come in after school and check it out.

Home Reading Focus for this Fortnight

Thank you for your fantastic support with the focus on home reading. It has been wonderful to see the children coming to school with a renewed excitement about their reading.

Focus weeks 3 and 4 will be vocabulary.

Vocabulary refers to the words that you know, understand and use to communicate. A large vocabulary covers all areas of communication – language, reading, writing and speaking. Reading helps our vocabulary grow as we discover and learn about new words and their meaning. The more vocabulary words your child knows, the better they are able to comprehend.

When children learn to tune in to interesting words, they build word awareness. This leaves them with ‘thinking power’ to comprehend and make meaning of what is read. By looking for new words in their reading, children not only increase their vocabulary but they also enhance their comprehension.

For further strategies and ideas relating to the topic of vocabulary refer to the letter in your child's home work folder.