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This newsletter has been created by AP teachers at Trabuco Hills High School to showcase our amazing students and to promote and strengthen our AP Program.

AP Scholar Recognition

2016 Mustang Scholars recognized!

The AP Program recognizes high school students who have demonstrated outstanding college-level achievement through AP courses and exams with the AP Scholar Awards.

AP Scholar Awards are added to students’ online score reports in late August. Therefore, the annual recognition list will identify the level of recognition for our current students in addition to the final level of recognition earned by our recent graduates.

AP Scholars Graduation Recognition

The 2016 graduation ceremony initiated the beginning of a long overdue recognition of our AP students and their achievements.

Benefits of taking Honors before or with AP

Students who take an honors course before the AP level are encouraged to rise to the expectations of higher level courses with specific attention to more highly developed skills of analysis and communication (i.e. discussions, writing). Additionally, students benefit when they are enrolled in honors courses in conjunction with an AP in another subject area (i.e. Honors English and AP Social Science) .

Does this mean that a student who was unable to take the honors level course will not be able to succeed in an AP course?

No, there are various circumstances as to why a student was not or may not be enrolled in the honors course/s; however, each case is unique. This also does not imply that a student who did take or is enrolled in an honors course is guaranteed success in the AP course. Ultimately, student success is linked to the individual student motivation, commitment, determination, maturity, and utilization of 21st century skills. There is no one all-purpose set of factors to indicate student success.

It is important to recognize that students need to be prepared to be successful at the next level of learning. Our honors courses and several of the college prep courses are successful for this reason. These courses are structured with a clear purpose to develop specific learning outcomes for students ongoing educational pursuits .

Teacher input and recommendations are key factors to level change conversations. By no means does this suggest that teachers will not recommend students for an AP course, but it does mean that teachers take the recommendation process seriously. There are two options for advancing to a higher level: teacher recommendations and parent overrides. Sometimes, the denial of a teacher recommendation and suggestion to use the parent override is to ensure that the student and parent understand the commitment and rigor that the AP course will demand. The goal is to provide information so informed decisions and plans can be made by the students.

Taking honors and AP courses require commitment and the use of specific skills sets. The partnership between the teachers of the honors program and the AP program recognize this and are working together to support student long-term success.

Benefits of taking AP courses

Taking AP courses and exams improves students' potential of getting into college and can even help to minimize college costs.

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AP Art History

AP Studio Art


AP English Literature & Composition


AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics


AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Environmental Sciences

AP Physics: Mechanics

Social Science

AP Economics

AP European History

AP Government

AP Human Geography

AP Psychology

AP US History

World Languages

AP French Language & Culture

AP German Language & Culture

AP Spanish Language & Culture

AP Spanish Literature & Culture

Future Possibilities

AP Capstone: AP Diploma

AP Research

AP Seminar

AP Music Theory

AP English Language & Composition

AP Comparative Government & Politics

AP World History

AP Computer Science: Principles

AP Computer Science A

Students enrolled in some honors courses have been encouraged, supported, and successful in independently reviewing and taking specific AP exams.