Weekly Reminders

Week 4 Term 1 2021

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Wishing you a good week ahead!

Hi everyone!

It's been a great week here at school - hoping yours went well too!

A special thank you to the very thoughtful parent who sent in some gorgeous fresh figs for the staffroom table this week - they were absolutely delicious and very much appreciated by us all!

Thanks to all mums and dads for getting your kids to school on time - punctuality is so important to a child's wellbeing (they arrive calm and organised rather than rushed and they don't miss the opportunity to hear important instructions from their teacher about the day ahead). Doors open at 8.30am and the school day starts at 8.40am.

Our Pre-Primary students have been involved in On-Entry literacy and numeracy assessments this week and you will be pleased to know that they took them in their stride. These are happening in all PP classrooms across the state over the next few weeks and give teachers some valuable data upon which to plan future learning opportunities.

We saw some classes celebrating Shrove Tuesday by making (and eating) their own home made pancakes. The Year One verdict: YUMMYLICIOUS! Special days like this one are used as a springboard for learning in a number of other areas including RE, writing, reading and maths!

We gathered for a simple Ash Wednesday para-liturgy on Wednesday and talked with the children about Lent being a time for prayer, giving and fasting. The main message of the Gospel reading was that when we do good, we need to try not to make a big show of it - praying, giving and fasting quietly and without drawing attention to ourselves is what Jesus challenges us to do.

How might we all make this Lent a meaningful time for positive change in our own families? Children respond well to short, simple family prayers, to the idea of giving to Project Compassion, to practising self-control and giving up something for lent while focusing on being grateful for what we have in our lives.

My son is swimming to Rotto on Saturday and I am in charge of making sandwiches and generally making sure everyone on the boat is well fed! We have our grandchildren coming for a sleepover and then I have a CEWA gathering to attend on Sunday night to celebrate 200 years of Catholic Education - a busy weekend ahead :)

Did you know that next year is St Emilie's 20th Anniversary? How might we celebrate this special occasion as a community? I am looking forward to us all being able to gather freely, to look back at where we have come from, to look with pride at where we are and to look with hope towards all the future holds for this special school and community!

Take care everyone and see you on Tuesday as Mr Munro, Mrs Harvey and I are at a Leader's Forum on Monday, which is an important opportunity for CEWA principals, leadership teams and other system leaders, to pray, to plan and to discuss the current context of our schools, our system and our students and how we might continue to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Regards and best wishes

Tania Thuis


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What's in this Week's Reminders?

Lenten Prayer

Week 4

Kindy - Speech and Occupational Therapy Screens

Swimming Trials

P&F Meeting

Year 4 Assembly

Year 6 Leadership Day

200 Years of Catholic Education

Week 5

Labour Day Public Holiday

Community Mass

Photo Days

Clean Up Australia Day

Family Picnic


School Social Worker Referral Process

COVID and school - Phase 4

Parenting Ideas - Michael Grose

High School Open Days

Footy Open Day

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Kindy Speech and OT Screens, Forms and Payment 2021 - Due next week, thank you.

We are so fortunate to have our Speech and OT therapy providers working in our school - early intervention is the key to long-lasting and positive student outcomes.

Kindy families are reminded that the Speech and OT payment for the KINDY SCREENS being conducted at the end of the term are due next week. Payment is to be made directly to the providers, BE VOCAL (Speech) and LIL' PEEPS (OT) as per the notes you received last Friday. Paying directly, rather than adding the cost to the school fees, allows you to claim a rebate through your Health Care fund.

As per discussions at Enrolment, these screens are a compulsory part of the Kindy transition and the baseline data is used to tailor the teaching and learning program to meet individual needs.

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Swimming Trials next Tuesday 23rd February

Parents are advised that Years 4-6 students are invited to participate in the St Emilie's Swimming Trials to be held this Tuesday 23 February from 9am to 12pm @ Riverton Leisureplex - 67 Riley Rd, Riverton.

All children have received and brought home a note from Mr Davis for Bus Permission and nomination of events.

Please note that parents will need to check in via the SafeWA app.

Parents will also need to pay an entry fee , however the school will cover the entry cost for children.

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P&F Meeting

The first P&F Meeting for the year is to be held in the Staffroom at 8.50am on Wednesday 24th February.

All parents are welcome however you are asked to RSVP to Admin by the day before -admin@stemiliescps.cewa.edu.au

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Year Four Assembly

The Year Four Assembly is to be held on Friday the 26th February at 8.45am in the School Hall.

Year Threes and Fives will be attending and parents of Year Four students are very welcome (we can accomodate up to approximately 120 Year Four parents in the hall with social distancing).

Parents are permitted to take photos and footage, however these are not to be shared via social media.

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Year Six Leadership Day - Aspire Higher

Our new Year Six Leaders will participate in a Leadership Day on Friday 26th February.

This year we have engaged an Australia - wide provider called UPP ( which stands for Unleashing Personal Potential)

SESSION 1- LEADING WITH OR WITHOUT THE BADGE- through example, influence and kindness.

SESSION 2- THE EPIC RACE- outdoor, fast-paced team event (using our A.S.P.I.R.E. framework).

SESSION 3- KNOWING ME, GROWING ME- understanding my strengths and those of others.

We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity and look forward to sharing some photos and feedback with you in coming newsletters!

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200 Years of Catholic Education!

This year we celebrate not only the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA), but also join with the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) and schools around the country, to commemorate 200 years of Catholic education in Australia.

Catholic schools play a vital role in our community. Next year St Emilie's will also celebrate our 20 year anniversary.

With the State election coming up you are urged to please read through the document below by following the link: https://www.everychildcounts.net.au/

Thanks everyone.

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Labour Day Public Holiday - Monday 1st March

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Community Mass - Wednesday 3rd March

The first Community Mass for the year is to be held on Wednesday 3rd March from 8.00am to 8.30am in the church.

Families are warmly invited ( social distancing applies).

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School Photo Days - a Special Moment in Time!

Parents are reminded that we will be holding our School Photo days on Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th March.

Children are to come to school neatly presented in their regular school uniform - thank you.

Board and P&F Members are asked to please be available for a group and individual photo on Friday 5th March at 8.15am outside the school hall.

More information and order forms came home this afternoon.

Parents can access sibling photo forms from the School Office. Alternatively if you give the office an email they will organise for the form to come home with your eldest child.

For extra information and a timetable please visit the website: http://web.stemiliescps.wa.edu.au/?p=37184

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Clean Up Australia Day - Friday 5th March

A School Clean Up is a great way to inspire students to learn more about the impact of rubbish on our local environment and playing an active role in our community.

Here at St Em's, when students and teachers work together to clean up an area in our school - the play ground areas, our bushland and the parish grounds it reinforces the value we place on caring for our environment.

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Family Picnic on the School Grounds

A friendly reminder that we are planning to hold our annual Family Picnic on Friday, the 5th March from 5.00pm to 7.00pm on our school oval.

This is a ‘low-key’ P&F community event aimed at providing an opportunity for families to simply be together and to catch up with one another in a relaxed, social setting.

Buddy Families

For new Kindy families and any new families to our school, the picnic will hopefully be an opportunity for you to meet and to get to know a few more Mums and Dads here at St Emilie's. If you are a new family and would like us to organise a 'buddy family' for you to sit with on the night, please let us know by emailing Admin. Likewise, if you are an existing family who is happy to buddy up with a new family on the night please also email Admin -stemiliesadmin@cewa.edu.au


While you are very welcome to bring your own picnic dinner, a P&F Sausage Sizzle is also being offered as a cheap and easy alternative for any interested families. More information regarding this next week.

If you would like to lend a hand cooking or selling snags please let Rachael Davies

(P&F President) know : pandf@stemiliescps.wa.edu.au


While it is acceptable for parents to bring drinks to the event, responsible alcohol consumption is of course expected. There will be a limited bar of wine, beer and soft drink.

Confirmation of your Attendance

We ask that you confirm whether your family is planning to attend and how many people are coming.

- Simply email your class teacher (teacher's first name.surname@cewa.edu.au)

- Write ‘Family Picnic’; your FAMILY NAME, then YES and how many adults and children are coming in the SUBJECT line of the email. Thank you!

Things for the Kids to do

All supervision of children is a parent responsibility on the night.

Staff will set up a few fun activities on the oval for any children and Mums and Dads who would like to get involved.

Activities will run from 5.15pm – 6.15pm. Before and after this time, children are to either be sitting with their family or playing on the oval with a parent overseeing their movements.

Please note that for both legal and safety reasons no children are permitted to play on the playground equipment at all during the picnic. Children are welcome to bring a ball, a book, drawing gear or game to also keep them entertained.

Home time

At 7.00pm we ask families to please pack up and to take your own rubbish home. Respecting this end time means that pack up can happen while it is still light and staff can get home to see their own families at a reasonable time :)

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Your Family Details and Emergency Contacts

We are currently working on our Family Details Form and Student Medical Details Form coming to you in a digital format.

The benefits to families and admin staff are that these forms can be completed online, with details able to be changed quickly and easily. The form will not need to be filled out each year, simply updated if there is a change.

In the meantime, if your contact phone number/s, email address, emergency contact details or child's MEDICAL NEEDS have changed from last year, please email the Office as soon as possible. Thank you.

School Fee Information 2021

School Fee Statements have now gone home.

Many thanks to those families who have commenced payment and returned the Payment Schedule Slip.

A reminder that fees can be paid:

- upfront

- weekly, fortnightly, or monthly by direct debit


Please note that the Payment Schedule section on the fee account needs to be RETURNED for processing by the Bursar once you receive it.

It is very important to maintain regular contact with me if you are experiencing financial difficulty and need to adjust payments for a period of time.

Families with outstanding fees from last year will be contacted shortly to come up with a payment plan.

Thank you and wishing you a wonderful year ahead

Gillian Norris

School Bursar

Uniform Shop

Image Embroidery now services our school community's uniform requirements.

For all uniform queries, please contact a member of the Image Embroidery team (contact details below).

Their store is just 5 minutes from St Emilie's for 'try ons' or you can order uniforms via their online form.

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Parent Handbook 2021

As you will be aware the St Emilie's Parent Handbook is provided as a useful reference for a variety of topics that involve your child's experience here in our school.

Please follow the link below:


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OSH Club is up and running for 2021 and provides a helpful service for St Emilie's families who may require short or long term childminding before and /or after school.

Below is a link to the OSH Handbook:


Important Message Regarding OSH & School Holidays

The School Leadership Team has met with the State Manager for OSH Club to discuss the possibility of using our school facilities for both pupil free days and school holiday care.

The good news is OSH will provide their service on pupil free days here at St Emilie's.

However, it was clear from our discussions that school holiday care here at St Emilie's is not a possibility due to a number of OSH Club centres that are already well established in the local area. In addition, the OSH Club is a shared space between school and parish.

Playground Equipment - before and after school

Parents are respectfully reminded that both school aged children and their siblings are not permitted to play on equipment or to be running around the school grounds before or after school. All children need to be well supervised by a parent and ideally sitting quietly while waiting for a sibling.

Outside the Year 2 classrooms is a particular area of concern and the sign in this area is very clear.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

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School Social Worker Referral Process - Kylie Goodes

Information regarding the referral process to the School Social Worker will be advertised in next week's Weekly Reminders. In the meantime, if you have a concern about your child, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.
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It’s important to continue to maintain physical distancing where possible and to use good personal hygiene to protect yourself and the general health of our community.
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Being a Positive Influence on children - Michael Grose

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St Norbert's Open Day and Enrolment Information


Friday 5 March 2021

St Norbert College warmly invites prospective students and their parents to tour our excellent College, its contemporary facilities and extensive grounds. Tours will be conducted at 9.00am and 1.00pm.

Enrolments for Year 7 in 2023

We have commenced our enrolments for 2023. Application forms may be obtained by phoning the Enrolment Officer, Mrs Hughes on 9350 5433.

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Footy Open Day Flyer

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