The Invasion of Country

By: Mitchell Reimer

The Country Singer of the Century

Who’s one of the most popular country singers? Luke Bryan is. Luke Bryan was born in January 1st 1976 in Leesburg, Georgia. Up until Luke was out of middle school, Luke worked on his dad's peanut farm. His favorite pastimes were hunting and fishing. Luke planned on moving to Nashville after high school, but when he was about to leave, his brother died in a car crash. He ended up staying in Leesburg for longer.

Luke Bryan was given his first guitar at fourteen years old for his birthday. When he was fifteen he entertained small crowds at local clubs, by singing and playing the guitar. He didn't want to just entertain a small crowd, he wanted to go big or go home. He wanted to be a country singer.

When Luke Bryan finally moved to Nashville, he started his career writing songs for Billy Currington. He then received a song writing deal with Rodger Murrah. Luke’s first major record was “I’ll Stay Me” in 2007. Luke Bryan won his first award at in 2012 for the CMT video of the year, with his song “I don’t want this night to end.” He was also named then got the 2014 entertainer of the year award. Luke Bryan is thirty eight to this day, and his dream of being a country singer came true.

The Country City

Nashville, the capitol of country music? The Grand Ole Opry arrived in Nashville in the 1930s which made Nashville the home of country music. This is where individuals started out their auditioning before becoming country stars, like Luke Bryan. Visitors continue to take in shows here while visiting this city.

The Country Music, Hall of Fame is another place of musical importance in Nashville. It houses the country music museum which preserves the local history and displays collectors from the history of country music for the past 200 years. Nashville earned the nickname, “music city” in the 1950s when many country music companies came to the city. They then attracted musicians that would soon fill up studios and record labels, such as The Grand Ole Opry.

This is how the country singers of today got their chances to be country singers. Places like The Grand Ole Opry is where old time country stars like Johnny Cash preformed. The museum of country music is also in Nashville. Now you know why Nashville is the capitol of country music.

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1.)Who won the 2014 CMT Award for entertainer of the year?

A.) Johnny Cash

B.)Luke Bryan

C.)Blake Shelton

2.)What city was named the music city after the Grand Ole Opry went there?



c.)New York City

3.)What city was Luke Bryan born in?