Bobby and the Bicycle

By Trenton Gitchuway

Bobby and Kinetic Energy

A little 12 year old boy. Normal like any other 12 year old boy, Bobby was super hyper. One sunny Saturday off of School, he decided to go ride his sweet new bike he got for Christmas. He took it out, and started riding it. Bobby cruised down his street at a constant speed of 2mph. Bobby had recalled from his last Science class, he was exerting Kinetic energy while riding his sweet new bike. He realized he was exerting this kinetic energy due to the energy his motion itself is showing.

I Can't Believe It's Energy!

Bobby, Potential Energy, and Conservation!

While Bobby was cruising along, he noticed he was coming towards Walter Hill. He picked up speed, and gradually climbed the hill. At the peak of the hill, Bobby stopped, and observed his view. "Wow" he thought. He relaxed off his pedal, and let his bike slowly go down the hill. While going down, Bobby realized he was exerting Potential Energy. He thought that was cool. Once Bobby was at the base of the hill, riding on leveled ground, he hit his brakes, coming to an abrupt stop. Here Bobby realized he conserved energy. With his bike chain stopping his bike, that mean all of his energy riding, went into stopping the bike as a whole. Bobby was amazed at his real world applications.