EcoChallenge Captain Meeting!!

Need more info? Have some questions?

If you are reading this, then you have volunteered to be the captain of your EcoChallenge team! Go You!

As the captain, you'll help us motivate your team, keep your team honest, and make the EcoChallenge a fulfilling experience. Are you ready to make this year's Challenge awesome? Come to our Captain's meeting and get started.

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Wednesday, April 1st from 12:30-1:15!

We promise this isn't an April Fools Joke...


Student Center Hearth

Stop by at the bottom floor of the Student Center after grabbing your lunch. How convenient!

Why should you come?

Come and get more information for your team and learn how you can get the most points. We'll also answer any of your questions so you can have a great start.

Need more motivation? We'll give you a chance to earn extra points.

Are you unable to come but still want the information?

We understand scheduling can be a nightmare, so just email us with any questions you have or anything you need to help make your EcoChallenge great.