Creative Commons

By: Casey Dawson

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What is Creative commons?

Creative commons is the copyright restrictions someone puts in their work determining what you can/can't do with the owner's original work. If you do not obey the Creative commons restrictions you will be fined for tampering/taking credit for someone's original work.

Why do we Have Creative Commons?

People use creative commons to protect their own original work from people doing certain things to the work.

Restrictions you can put on your work:

Attribution - This allows the "downloader" to remix, tweak, and to build upon the owner's work, even commercially as long as you credit the original owner in some way that is noticeable.

Noncommercial - This allows the "downloader" to remix, tweak, and build upon non-commercially.

No Derivative works - The "downloader" is allowed to copy, distribute, display, and perform only the exact copies of the work, not unoriginal works upon it.

Sharesalike - It allows the users (downloaders) to distribute unoriginal work, but only under an identical license to the license that governs the work.

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