Year 11&12 Subject Selection

A guide to making your research task simple.

Research your options using one site.

Know your FACTS:

To save you time use the link provided. You can register for weekly updates based on 3 careers that interest you or you can log on using the school name to research all your options.

Your password for both actions is: ibis

There are more options than ever, so decide if you want to study vocational courses?


At school the course are known as SVET course, they involve you attending a class for 4 hours a week, one afternoon a week. The course are often more practical in delivery and hands on. They also allow you in completing a one week work placement in both years. They are able to be used for an ATAR and allow you to receive a second credential beside a HSC.


Did you know you can also complete a Traineeship or start an apprenticeship while you are at school. This is usually organised during terms 3 and 4. This options requires you to be very organised and able to meet the requirements of working and completing all you school work at the same time to get a HSC and a second qualification or record of achievement.

For more information follow the link provided.


These course are either studied at TAFE or on line through TAFE. The course are ideal for students who want to prepare for the workforce or further study while at school, you will need to meet with the careers adviser ASAP to discuss any extra application requirements.

Regular Courses

Remember to investigate what each course is all about. Do you need to be good at research, essay writing or short answers and then select courses that best fit what you know your preferred learning style is.

Remember to:

  1. Speak to your parents, your year adviser and teachers, because they know you best.
  2. Speak to your teacher and the head teacher to discuss which level of a course you should do especially for English, Maths and Science.
  3. Use to research all your options.
  4. Visit the library and look at the study guides and text books to see what a course is really like and visit the BOSTE site to see past exam papers and syllabuses.
  5. Talk to the careers adviser about the pros and cons.
  6. Attend the Careers Market and Try a Skill excursion on Thursday 16th July to find out what you need fro the experts.


  • 16th July Careers Market and Try a Skill for all of Year 10. Money and notes due end of term 2
  • 1 September Apprenticeship Expo
  • 11 August UWS Day - Campbeltown