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Is Freesyle Skiing Really that Dangerous?

All over the world there are ski resorts. At those ski resorts, people freestyle ski. Freestyle skiing is a skiing discipline comprising aerials, moguls, cross, half-pipe and slopestyle. Freestyle skiing has gotten a lot more popular over time, but has also had a lot of injuries come from it. Some of these injuries are fatal, some are very minor. Either way, it still rises the controversial topic, is freestyle skiing really that dangerous?

There have been many recent deaths in freestyle skiing. Some notable ones are Sarah Burke, JP Auclair, and Andreas Fransson. These deaths however were not because of the sport, but because the skiers were taking it too far. Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair were both killed in an avalanche in Chile while skiing where they weren’t supposed to. If they had followed the rules and taken proper precautions when skiing backcountry (skiing in unwatched areas) they could still be alive. Sarah Burke’s death was very tragic. She was doing a trick that she was still learning and did not land it. At first it was not terrible but then her body shut down and she went into cardiac arrest while still on the mountain. If any of them stuck to their limits when they were skiing they could still be with us today.

Attempting a new trick can be very dangerous, a lot of practice is needed. When interviewed, fellow freestyle skier, Mikey Rasa, stated, “The most dangerous trick I have ever attempted is a cork 720. This trick is dangerous because it is off axis, meaning that your shoulders actually dip below your feet.” He also stated in the same interview, ”One way I protect myself is by wearing a spine protector. Another way I protect myself is by wearing a helmet.” I also interviewed freestyle ski coach Matt Streaman pertaining to how dangerous freestyle skiing really is and how he prevents injuries. He stated, “I require any student that skis with me to wear a helmet, and strongly suggest they wear a spine protector or other crash pads. In addition, I make sure my students know what the feature they are going to hit looks like and how to properly hit it to help avoid possible injury.” New ski tricks can be very scary for young students. This is what he stated on this the topic, “Confidence is essential when performing tricks. I believe that in order to do a trick, easy or difficult, it requires 80% confidence and 20% skill.

The only way freestyle skiing can get very dangerous is if you do it in places you’re not supposed to, such as grass or concrete. Otherwise freestyle skiing is not too dangerous. In my opinion, the biggest way to stay safe in freestyle skiing is knowing your limits. If you do, you will not get injured and will have a good time doing it.

EMS Drama Club

I’m writing on behalf of the Eisenhower Middle School Drama Club because I believe it is an enjoyable experience. I believe that Drama Club is an activity that everyone should give a shot. The drama club is an activity that takes place after school where you rehearse and practice for a show. The show usually takes place during late March time while the rehearsing usually takes up all of winter. Many EMS students every year participate in the EMS drama club. It was great this year and the years before this one and we’re hoping to see many more wonderful shows to come.

People that have participated in drama club have had so much fun. They all say that it had been a great experience working with peers on stage. Every show that has been performed has gotten a good review from choral teachers at the high school. They always turn out awesome! If you want to be part of a performance that never fails you should give the drama club a try. Being part of the show is a big thing that people should experience. Doing drama club is something all students would enjoy participating in.

I surveyed students who participated in the EMS drama club this year. They all gave positive feedback. When I asked Austin Kurbansade, an 8th grader, about what made drama club enjoyable, he explained, “What made drama club so enjoyable for me were the songs he sang and being with friends, he enjoyed making new 7th grade friends,” which means that he enjoyed working with peers and singing with them. He made new friends as well with 7th grade students. I also talked to another 8th grade student, Heather Luby about how drama club changed her and she stated, “Yes, it made me a better person. It made me feel like a part of something and like I can go further with my dream of performing!” Drama club had shaped students to become interested in an activity that is enjoyable.

I surveyed a 7th grader and asked her about what her first impressions of drama club were as well as what she would tell 6th graders coming to EMS next school year. Her name is Amanda Melchers and she said, “I will definitely do drama club next year. This is because it was such an amazing and fun experience. Though we practiced so much, there was never a moment that I dreaded doing dance routines and songs over and over. I looked forward to going to drama club every day.” she also stated, “ I would tell them to definitely do it, they won’t regret it. Drama club was such a great experience. It’s a lot of hard work, but being able to do what I love a lot was so much fun. You’ll meet so many new people, and in the end it’s all worth it because you get to put on an amazing production,” She enjoyed drama club a lot. She wishes that everyone interested in drama club, next year they should do it. She right, students should try it out.

To conclude drama club is such an enjoyable experience and activity. It is so fun because it is enjoyable, a great way to make friends, it has never failed to impress, and it is a great way to improve your performing skills. After interviewing students about the drama club I have a definite outlook on it. You should try it out. Students interested or not should still not be nervous and feel open to doing it. Come out of your shell and don’t be afraid. Trust me, you won’t disagree if you join.

Iran Nuclear Program

The only use for an atomic bomb is to keep somebody else from using it.”a quote from George Wald. Iran has been running a nuclear weapon facility started and the 1950s’ and is still going on now. Wait one second what is a nuclear weapon? Well a nuclear weapon is a weapon of mass destruction and is used in military uses and others warlike ways. Also in order to make a weapon like this your would need uranium and your would need 95% enriched uranium in order to create a bomb (also your would need metal to build the outer core).

I had interviewed two people about this subject and both answers were different, but they both had made sense. The first person I had interview was the science teacher Mrs. Keating. She didn’t know too much about the program and yet it made her scared of it. That people who would make a weapon of mass destruction should make us wonder if they are acutling doing and it is because United States of America had made an atomic bomb and used it .We told japan that we would use it and they thought that we were hazing them so when the weapon fell out of the sky they couldn’t believe what we had just done. She also thought even with the Iaea looking at the facilities they still could make one of these bombs and that needs to be addressed.

The other person that I had interview was the social studies teacher Mr DiPietro. He knows a good amount about the Iran’s nuclear program and his answers were different from Mrs. Keating’s answer. He said that it is a nation just trying to utilize 21st century technology for their own use. That they will not ever have enough enriched uranium because people (Iaea) checking on them so they only have 4% for power usage. your would really hear so much of it if Iran wasn’t a muslim country and that really the only ones that have used an atomic bomb is America. There are bad people around the world and religion has no part in it.

Iran has the right to make power with nuclear energy and we should know that and one thing that happens with this is a wave effect when one country gets it everyones starts to get it. In reality though in the end it is ok for us to be scared that they could make one of these extreme weapons because we had used one, but we shouldn’t be too scared about them having one since we are always their checking on them. In the end we have to think about our decision if it is truly a crises or not.
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Chicago Cheaters?

“For more than 75 years, Little League has been an organization where fair play is valued over the importance of wins and losses.” That quote stated by Little League International President and CEO Mr. Stephen D. Keener pretty much explains it all, folks. Recently, in the month of February, the Jackie Robinson West Chicago Little League Baseball Team (found on was found guilty of using players outside of their boundary map in games leading into the Little League World Series. Although they did not cheat during the LLWS, they cheated to get there, which is just as despicable. The Chicago team did not win the tournament, but they were the United States Champions in it. After being found guilty of cheating, they were stripped of their title, and the championship was immediately handed over to the Las Vegas team. I think we all are wondering the same thing here. What were those Chicago players and coaches thinking?

Some people say stripping Chicago of the title and handing it over to Las Vegas was justice. Some might say it was an outrage. When asked his opinion, Joe Otto stated, “I think it’s justice because the Chicago team cheated and Las Vegas worked their butts off to get where they are without cheating whatsoever”. All of these amazing teams worked incredibly hard to get to the LLWS. Meanwhile, Chicago used these elite players from some other town. This is all truly a shame because the Jackie Robinson West team played great baseball in the Little League World Series. The only issue here is, they cheated to get there. So, all their great players such as Pierce Jones have to suffer from getting stripped of a title, taking away an excellent childhood memory. Although they are a great group of kids, this truly was doing justice for Little League Baseball.

Many people were caught off guard when hearing about this jaw-dropping story. It truly was a shocking scandal. When questioned his immediate reaction about this scam, Brendan Berman replied with, “I think that it’s very unfair to the other teams because they had a chance to make it to the LLWS or possibly make it to the LLWS championship, but they didn’t really get a fair one because Chicago used players from a different boundary map to get to the LLWS.” Brendan is completely right. Those teams deserved a fair shot, but truly didn’t receive one. That team cheating like that ruined childhood memories for children from other teams. When Joe was asked how he would punish the Chicago Little League team if the decision were in his hands, he responded by claiming, “I would suspend the Chicago team from the entire Little League World Series and I would also give the US championship to the second place team and try and make it look like the Jackie Robinson West team had barely made it far in the tournament at all.” You can probably understand where Joe is coming from on this. A team that defies the rules of the league doesn’t deserve to even look like they make it far in the slightest bit. As they say, winners never cheat, and cheaters never win.

Now, the real question is, is it only the coaches’ fault? Should they have only been punished, and not the children as well? When Brendan was asked this question, he answered, “I think it’s just the coaches fault because they knew it was wrong, yet they still went through with it.” That is truly a very good and accurate point. On the other hand, Joe’s opinion on this is “I would punish the players as well as the coaches because everybody knew what was going on, yet they still decided not to tell anyone.” If you really think about it, Joe is correct. Everyone apart of that Jackie Robinson West Chicago organization is responsible for using players outside of their boundary map. Little League definitely did the right thing by not just suspending the coaches, but stripping the entire team of the title as well.

Although the Chicago team did cheat, we all can’t help but feel bad for the kids on that team. This was a childhood memory crushed. Players did cheat, but there were so many players who worked and played very hard on that team. Brendan said if he were in there shoes, “I would be mad at the coach because he knew it was wrong and he basically ruined my team;s chance of maintaining the US championship.” Joe stated that, “I would be really sad because although we cheated, a lot of players worked hard to win that US title.” So, as you can see, the team as a whole made the wrong decision here, but players did practice and train to achieve that title. It truly is a shame that team did that, I bet those coaches and players really regret it.

The Jackie Robinson West Chicago Little League baseball team indeed cheat last August in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Although they are a wonderful group of children, they did in fact use players outside their boundary map in games prior to the LLWS to get there. As Stephen Keener said, baseball should be about fair play and having fun, not whether you win or lose. Every other team worked hard and played fair like classy ball players. Most people would definitely say being stripped of the title and having it handed over to Las Vegas is the right decision. The Chicago players are all great kids, but they made one wrong move. They made just a single bad decision. That unethical choice labeled them as cheaters, and cheaters never deserve to win. It truly is a shame that that Chicago team broke the rules like that. There was some real potential on that well-rounded ball club. Here’s a tip folks, make good choices, because some choices may change the way people look at you, treat you, or possibly even the entire course of your life.

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Are Health Apps Bad For Your Health?

66% of Americans say that they would use a health app to monitor their health. But these ¨tools¨ on your phones may not always help you as much as you might think. Many people think that downloading one of these apps will make you in the best shape of your life overnight. Others assume that they will no longer need to remember to take their medication, because their app will remind them. However, there are few apps out there that are actually worth downloading.

One app called ¨Instant Blood Pressure - Monitor Blood Pressure Using Only Your Phone¨ monitors your blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse. Although there is a disclaimer stating ¨ It is not a medical device,¨ most people who pay $4.99 for the app will rely on only this to get a reading of their blood pressure. No doctors would recommend this app, as it frequently make inaccurate reading that could either, make people think their life is in danger when it is not, or make people think they are perfectly healthy, when they are not.

Other apps are designed to help people with various health tasks such as taking medication, tracking how far people have walked or ran, weight loss, and making nutritious meals. A lot of weight loss apps help people lose weight, however only for a short amount of time. Short term plans are often used in apps. The way the apps usually work is by making a diet for a fixed period of time until the person loses weight. Once the user loses weight, they tend to go back to unhealthy eating habits and gain the weight back.

Apps that track users medication and remind users to take it, are notorious for miscalculating, and reminded users to take medication to late or too early. Some users also report that the apps are telling them to take the wrong dosage of a prescription medication. Those who do not realize that the dosage is wrong can be prone to fatal accidents.

But not all of these health apps are harmful. One app called Nike+ Training Club (designed for women) offers over 100 different workouts. Each workout come with an easy to follow instructional video. You can select your own personal fitness goal, and follow the workout plans to get in the best shape of your life. You can share your workout session with your crew, and see what other women are doing.

If you are thinking about using health apps in your daily life, make sure the app you are downloading is trustworthy. Read reviews and consider whether or not you think this app will benefit you in the long run.

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Joe Flaco's Ability to Develope Recievers

What comes to mind when I say receivers? Most likely you think football and the people who run around and catch the ball but you never think of the quarterback. One in particular is The Ravens’ own Joe Flacco. Joe Flacco has had tremendous success in developing his receivers. Almost all receivers have a decent quarterback but Flacco is a different breed he has great communication and a great relationship with his receivers.

How many receivers do you know that have great relationships with their quarterbacks, not many.

In the interviews I did I asked. “In your opinion where did you think Joe Flacco stands in the NFL quarterbacks?” Justin Weickert answered “I think he would be in the top 15 best quarterbacks”.

I think Joe is a great quarterback and is always undermined.


It’s April, and as March Madness comes to a close, it’s time for the big league playoffs of 2015 to start, and with some of the most intriguing matchups in years, I’m going to break the down the first 1st round of the Eastern Conference.

Eastern Conference, First Round

Atlanta Hawks(1) vs. Brooklyn Nets(8):

Even though I’m a big Brooklyn Nets fan, I’m not going to be biased and say they will win. In fact 24/7 sports ran over 10,000 playoff simulations, and the Nets were the only team that didn’t win it all. Atlanta has way more depth than the Nets do, and they are playing some of the best team ball I’ve seen since the Spurs became a title contender. The Nets could win one or two games because the Hawks don’t have a superstar player, but the Hawks depth and team play will eventually win out in the end.

Prediction: Hawks win 4-2

Cleveland Cavaliers(2) vs. Boston Celtics(7)

How about them Cavs? One season after the Cavaliers won the #1 overall pick and took Andrew Wiggins, they now are the #2 seed in the east and may be considered the best team talent wise in the east, sure they traded away Wiggins for Kevin Love, but that just made Lebron James part of another, and perhaps more talented, Big 3. And what’s Boston got? Nothing. Cleveland's talent will roll over Boston’s...whatever they have.

Prediction: Cavs win 4-0

Chicago Bulls(3) vs. Milwaukee Bucks(6)

Finally!! The Bulls have Derrick Rose!! Yes, after 2 years of season ending injuries, the Bulls have a healthy D Rose for the playoffs, combined with breakout star Jimmy Butler, and vets Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol, not to mention coach Tom Thibodeau’s defensive scheme, and the Bulls are once again a force to be reckoned with. The Bucks have great youth though, Ersan Ilyasova, The Greek Freak(Giannis Antetokounmpo) and O.J Mayo, but the Bulls have D Rose back 100%, and it’s hard to bet against that.

Prediction: Bulls win 4-1

Toronto Raptors(4) vs. Washington Wizards(5)

If this had happened last year, it may have been the most electrifying and sloppy series of the playoffs. Why? Both these teams don’t have much playoff experience. However, the Wizards got more veteran players in the offseason, like Paul Pierce, so this won’t be an inexperienced team. The Raptors didn’t get much experience on their roster however, and that is a big problem for them, old sometimes beats new, and I think that’s the case in this series.

Prediction: Wizards win 4-1

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