Microsoft Planner

Quick Start Tutorials

What is Planner?

With Planner on your PC, Mac, or mobile device:

  • Create new plans, assign tasks, and share files with others.

  • Organize teamwork and collaborate on projects in a simple, visual way.

  • Chat with others to make sure you're on the same page.

  • Keep track of your team's progress and stay on top of your work—from anywhere, on any device.

Create a New Plan in Planner

Select New plan in the left pane and in the window:

    1. Type a name for the plan.

    2. Planner creates an email address for your plan automatically. You can use it for discussions with all plan members.
    3. Choose the link to Add to an existing Office 365 Group or skip the link if you want to create a new group when you create this plan.
    4. Make the plan public if you want it to be visible to the rest of your organization and in search results, or make it private if you want only plan members to see it.
    5. Select a Classification level for your plan.
    6. To enter a unique description for the plan, select Options and type in what you want.
    7. Select Create plan.

                Add People to a Plan

                1. Select Members in the upper-right corner of the Planner window.

                2. Begin typing the name or email address of a person within your organization that you want to add to the plan.

                3. Select the person's card when it appears.

                Setup Buckets for Tasks

                Create buckets to organize tasks into things like workstreams, project phases, or topics.

                1. Display the plan board.

                2. Select Add new bucket to the right of any existing buckets.

                3. Type a name for the bucket, and then press Enter.

                Change the Task Grouping

                1. Select Group by near the upper-right corner of the plan board.

                2. Select Bucket.

                Want to change a bucket name? Select a bucket name to make changes. You can even rename the To Do bucket to something that you might find more useful!

                Manage Tasks in Planner

                Add an Attachment to a Task

                1. Select the task to open the task window.

                2. Select Add attachment.

                3. Select File to attach a locally stored file, select Link to include a link, or select SharePoint to attach a file from a SharePoint site.

                4. Navigate to and select the file you want to attach, or enter the link information.

                When attaching a file, you can upload the file to OneDrive for the plan, or you can browse to find it if you've already uploaded it. If your file isn't located on OneDrive for the plan, you can add a link to it instead.

                The first time you attach a file, photo, or link to a task, that attachment becomes the task's preview picture. It's shown on the Board, and offers a quick way to identify the task and get to work. Want to change the preview picture for a task?

                View Your Plan's Progress

                In Planner, every plan has a board and charts.

                • The board offers a flexible way to organize your team’s work, and makes it easy for you to see who’s doing what and get details about any task.

                • The charts show how your plan is progressing, with details about what’s done, in progress, not started, and late.

                Select Board or Charts at the top of the Planner window to switch between them.

                Get Email About Tasks & Due Dates

                You'll automatically receive email notifications when tasks are assigned to you, and when they're due. If you want to turn these on or off, do the following:

                1. Select the settings button near the top right of the screen and then choose Notifications.

                2. In the Notifications dialog box, choose to have Planner send you notifications when:

                  • Someone assigns a task to me. (Email, Teams, and mobile push)

                  • A task assigned to me is late, due today, or due in the next 7 days. (Email only)

                3. Choose Save.

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