PCS Chromebook Cart



In order to check out the PCS Chromebook Cart, you will need to watch the video and answer the questions in the form linked below (you will need to be logged in to your district google account to access the form).

You may choose to share this video with students.

Scroll down below the video to see answers to questions folks have already asked.

PCS Chromebook Cart Orientation

I'm ready to check out the cart!

Ok... click on this link to fill out the form.
You will need to be logged in to your district google account to access the form.
When you have finished, Laura will be notified that you have completed the "Chromebook Orientation".

Questions people have asked:

I tried to sign out the Chroomebook Cart, but it says to call the media center!?!?
Until more folks have completed the orientation, you will be able to see what times are open but will need to contact Laura or JoAnn to enter in the reservation in the online scheduling.

Can students use the Chromebooks without logging in to their google accounts?

Yes! Have them choose "browse as guest" like the video shows. Then they can access any webpage. Think of the Chromebooks like laptops that only have an internet browser.

So... the browser doesn't open on the Parkview page?
Nope. I will just open on a blank page. Students will have to type something in the address bar to get started.
tiny.cc/pcslib is a short URL that will take students to the library page symbaloo with button links. If you would like a link added, talk to Laura.