National Youth Administration

June 26, 1935

Relief thanks to Mrs.Roosevelt pushing Mr.Roosevelt!

This program falls under relief in Roosevelt's New Deal because it helps workers:

  • Maintain self-respect
  • Reinforce work ethic
  • Keep skills sharp
  • Gain dignity as a generation

This program encourages the youth to complete education by providing grants to high schoolers and college students in exchange for work. The grants help so students don't dropout due to financial issues. This system allows students to continue studying and decrease the youth's unemployment rate all at the same time!

The Great Depression hit us like a brick, but this National Youth Administration program proves that any job can help get our economy back up to par!

WHY National Youth Administration?

Our mission is to save the "Lost Generation". We help provide work and education for 16 to 25 year-olds! So far this program has been successful at relieving the economic crisis by helping provide job opportunities. The NYA has also given hope to our Americans that one day we will be back on our feet as a nation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program exist in 2016?

No, but the program should be in action because young people (such as 16-25 year-olds) still need education and work experience for jobs.

What does NYA provide to the youth?

  • education
  • job training
  • counseling
  • recreation
  • student aid (in return for part-time positions at school campuses)
  • $6-$40/month for "work-study"
National Youth Administration NYA

Promotion Video Highlights:

  • The Great Depression made families not be able to afford to give their children an education
  • The NYA was unusual for its time because it helped women gain an education and work experience
  • Mary Behune is to credit for making the NYA not gender or race specific