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About Grigori Rasputin...

I was born January 21, 1869. I died December 30 1916.

I can heal the body. I also have a look that is slightly intimidating.... and disturbing. I attempted to be a monk, and failed. I was attempted to be killed many times. I was shot, stabbed, beaten, poisoned, and thrown into a river...I died by drowning.

More about me..

I like cuddling and long walks on the beach... My favorite pastime is combing/stroking my beard. <3333333 I will give you a creepy look if you love me.

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Frequently asked questions...

Q- What was Rasputin famous for?

Q- How did he die?

Q- Why did he stare creepily at people?

My family...

Maria Rasputin, Dmitri Rasputin, Varvara Rasputin
Who Really Killed Rasputin?