Elite Chronicles

Monty Wendricks

Terrible Refs?!

The Championship finally was a complete rip off says many badger fans. "The refs had similar calls to that of garbage! Ive never seen such a horrible game in my life. The game started off great with Wisconsin in the lead and Duke slowly catching up. Then Duke gains the lead with the most garbage bias calls ever." It was late and everyone was so upset and in an uproar due to these terrible refs.

"I couldn't even sleep last night it was terrible!" says a Badgers fan. It caused so much

stress and the air was filled with salty badger fans. One badger fan was said to be absolutely furious about a game that most likely had refs from the enemy team Duke.

Competition during Backyard Football

The kids at bay view have a blast after they eat a hardy meal for lunch. As they wait for the

super visors to give them the signal to go outside they chat about their day, what's happening,

and laugh. Once the super visors give them the signal the kids dash for the doors to get the

football to play outside. Some kids can get really competitive and serious over some back yard football. A kid was heard spitting "cursing" rhymes at another child because he had suddenly intercepted the ball! "Ive never heard vulgar and offensive language in my life!" says a super visor who heard it all. One student was heard saying "Do you kiss yo grandma with that sailor mouth?!"

Great day in Wisconsin

For LA class at a ordinary middle school the students and teacher decided to go outside for writing. "They worked really hard and deserve some sun!" Says Miss Wood, the teacher of this LA class. The sound of the water is soothing to all near by. Its very unpleasing to see plastic bags inside the "creek". The sun shines its hapiness on everyone, the students were said to be enjoying the snow free weather.