My 12th birthday

By: Aimee

Top characters- Me, Allie, Desi, Elizabeth


Its was my birthday party and my friend name Allie just got to my house. She was wearing a blue shirt and green shirt. She has short hair and she is tall. Me and her we're really happy to be have a sleepover together.

1st body paragraph

“Now we just have to wait on Desi,” I said.

“Ok,”Allie said.

So, her and I went to my basement that was not finished. It had white walls and gray concrete floor and a carpet like rug. The basement also had some toys in it.

“Where are we sleeping?” Allie asked.

“On the floor,” I told her.

“So now we're dogs,” Allie said.

“No we have air mattresses to sleep on we have one for one person which is mine and one for to people and you and desi are sleeping on,” I told Allie.

“Ok that’s good,” Allie said.

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!

“The probably Desi,” I said.

“Let's go upstairs and see,” Allie said.

“Ok let's go,” I said.

When Allie and I got upstairs we saw that is was Desi.I was so happy that everyone that I invited made it to my party.

“Hey desi,” I said.

“Hey Allie, Hey Aimee and happy birthday,” Desi told Allie and I.

“Hey,” Allie said.

“So what do you want to do,” I asked Allie and desi.

“I don't know,” They said to me.

“Ok let's go play headbands,” I suggested.

“OK” Allie and Desi said very loud.

Desi, Allie, and I went downstairs. My sister Elizabeth walked down with us.

“Why do you want Elizabeth,” I asked her.

“Too play with you guys,” She say.

“Let us talk about it,” I told her.

Allie, Desi and I huddled up.

“Do you want her to play with us” I asked.

“No,” Allie said.

“Why,” Desi asked because only Allie has met my sister so she didn’t know

“Because she is as crazy as a monkey when it see’s a banana” Allie and I said.

“Oh”, She said.

We told Elizabeth no and to please leave us alone.

“Girls time to do pizza and cake,” my mom yells down the stairs.

We all ran up the stairs when and washed our hands and ate the pizza my mom ordered . My mom ordered papa john's pizza. The pizza had golden cheese and red pepperoni . It still had steam coming off of it and it had the perfect thin crust. I tasted almost like homemade pizza. The cake had blue cream icing. Then we when back downstairs and finished our game of headbands.

“That was fun let's get in our pajamas and play apples to apples,” I said.

“Ok” Allie and Desi said.

So we got in are PJ’s.

“I want to play with you guys” My sister said in a happy voice.

“No sorry we want to play alone” I told her.

“But I want to play with you guys” Elizabeth said sadly.

“Please leave” Allie said.

“No I’m leaving I will sit here” She said.

Finally, we got to play apples to apples.

2nd body paragraph

“Elizabeth come on get up here and leave the girls alone,” My mom yelled down the stairs to my sister.

My sister went up stairs so we could play our game without her bothering us. So we played for a little bit before my sister suck back down stairs.

“No don't even come down” I told her.

“we're playing on are own and we don't want you to mess up the cards,” Desi and I told her.

“But can I just play one game with you,” She said in an angry voice.

“NO” we all said at the same time.

“OK,” She yelled to us.

Then as she was walking around she messed up are cards. So we first asked to leave nicely and she said no and sat on the floor with us.

I whispered in Desi’s ear and then Allie’s ear and told them that we should watch our movie so then Elizabeth would leave us alone.

part of 3rd paragraph

We cleaned up the cards.

“What are you doing?” Elizabeth asked.

“Getting ready to watch our movie,” We all told her.

“Oh good bye and goodnight,” She told all of us.

“GOODNIGHT,” We all said in a loud voice.

We we're able to watch the maze runner which is the movie that I chose for us to watch.The movie was about a 2 hour movie so it was about 10:00pm when it was over.


So we decide to play on Allie’s phone and play five nights at freddy's. Also, we played on the game of life on her phone. We play that for a long time. When we went to bed it was after midnight. In the morning we went up stairs and had donuts. Finally, we when back downstairs and did presents because we wanted to do presents on my birthday. After we did that we did our nails with my new nail polish and we all painted them a lite blue. Right after we finished Desi had to leave and shortly after Allie left. That was one of the best party I ever had that year.

The was the best party ever