Singing his masters voice

What is it?

The Victrola is a record player that had the horn that amplifies the sound and the turntable inside the device. This was not for audio purpose, but for visual effect, the idea was to make it look more like a piece of furniture and less like a piece of machinery. It was made by Eldridge Johnson and was very popular. He made 100s of records from one master. The dog in the adds name is nipper.


The Victrola and the ways we listen to music are very different, but there are some similarities. We listen to music on a MP3 and listened to music on record players, like the Victrola. The Victrola had adds with catchy slogans and so do now a days music, trying to get us to buy them. The Victrola also had more than one purpose (looking like a piece of furniture) much like most music devices today.


Then and now music has changed a lot. Most comman music devices you can hold in your hand, but not the Victrola. Music devices today have holes for ear phones, but the Victrola didn't . Today's music devices can go anywhere. Nowadays singers sing the song one time and it is recorded to go on any device. With hand held music devices you can change the song like that, but with record players you had to change the record. The big different is the kind of music played today.
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