Week of November 16, 2014


The Worship Committee announces our upcoming “Sing the Church Year” Hymn Sing. On Sunday, November 23rd, at 11 a.m., we will worship God through lifting our voices in song. What are your favorite hymns for Christmas, Lent, and Easter? Do you have a favorite Pentecost hymn? You can request any hymn, and we will include it; if not on this Sunday, sometime soon. To make requests, simply click on the link below and fill out the form and press "submit"


Philippians 2:5-11

Christ gave us an incomprehensible gift. He emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, for our sake. He humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even death on a cross, for our sake. Therefore God has highly exalted him SO THAT every knew should bow and every tongue should confess Jesus is Lord. This is one of the most beautiful hymns in the Bible. We can easily get caught up in the poetry of what Christ does, and miss the declaration of our response. Christ has given us so much. What can we offer him? Every knee should bow; every tongue confess. How do we worship and serve Christ? How do we confess that he is Lord of our lives? As we look toward the busy holiday season, let us consider not just the gift that is given to us in our Savior, but what we give him. Let us make a commitment; no, let us conspire together to be deliberate about our holiday season - not about our shopping for gifts or our parties, but about how we worship and serve our Savior. Come to worship Sunday to learn about the Advent Conspiracy.

Song: My Heart Is Yours; Passion

In our lives: When our first child was born, I clearly remember how hard it was to even get out the house - between a tired mom, a fussy baby, and all that stuff that is necessary with tiny babies, it was an enormous accomplishment to even run errands. One day, I got everything I needed out on our porch. I got the car loaded: stuff for errands, diaper bag, baby. I went to my first errand - the post office. I climbed out and went into the post office. I waited in line while swinging the baby carrier. Finally, I got up to the desk to the very kind postal worker who said, “what can I do for you?” “I’d like to mail this package,” I replied. “Ma’am, what package?” the postal worker said, “because I’m not going to let you mail the baby.” It was only then I realized I had left the package on the front porch! At least I didn’t forget the baby! We all know what it is like to be really busy and forget things or things just fall through the cracks. This is a busy season. We often let the reason for the season fall through the cracks. How can we offer our hearts and lives to God this season?

Community Thanksgiving Service!

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Sunday November 23, 2014 at 5:00 PM at Smyrna Presbyterian Church

PCR, CPC, Bethany Presbyterian and Smyrna Presbyterian are joining together for a very special worship and communion service. Worship is at 5:00 pm; dinner immediately following.


Brandon Slade, emergency back surgery

John Ramsey, Jim and Sandra’s son, recuperating from eye surgery

Linda Moon, recovering from a fall

Mike and Kelly Hopkins, friends of Susan Cooper, loss of a child

Charity Scheitlin, Jim Nicholson's sister, recovering from pacemaker surgery

Margaret Davis, Gladues' friend, multiple health issues

Katie, Faye’s sister, ICU, successful brain surgery after a fall

Malcolm, Cal Lumpkin’s friend, whose family’s home burned

Jay Morgan, Dan’s nephew, cancer in right lung and kidney

Rev. Bill Weston, friend of Daphne and Mike Nash, taking chemo

Ray Morgan, Daphne’s father, severe UTI infection

Molly, Mary Scheaffer's cousin, multiple health issues

Roxy McNeil, Daphne Nash’s friend, pregnancy complications

Our neighbors in need who received food from PCR’S Food Pantry this week

Shut Ins: Tom Bennett, Jean Ghee, Louise Hanekamp, Doris Kirby, Ray Morgan, Emelyn Sexton, Evelyn Spivey, Bob Wallace, Hope Woodruff

Yellow Brick House: Freeman Barber

Serving/Working Overseas: Marcus Walker

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16 Emory Macchione

17 Heather Potter


Our church sanctuary will be decorated with beautiful live poinsettias during Advent Season. Flowers will be placed in the church Sunday, December 14th, which is the first Sunday following the Hanging of the Green.

Please fill out the form and return it to the church office with your check by Sunday, November 23rd. The form will be emailed in a separate email. Poinsettias are $10 each.


YOUTH LOCK-IN. For more pictures, check out our Facebook page!


We are a welcoming, caring congregation, strong in fellowship and faithfully committed to worshiping God. Traditional in organization and open in worship, our mission is to share the love of God by serving our neighbors, whether we meet them around the corner or around the world.