Health Advantages of Honey

What's happening my friends?

Health Advantages of Honey

What's happening my friends? It's Friday and I'm experiencing the fact that I reside in a situation. that's good climate virtually all year. Well except summer. It may get pretty hot them-but I digress! I needed to speak with you about a few of the health advantages of honey because it pertains to your cholesterol. I know some of you're attempting to cleanup your life and return to a healthier frame of mind and human anatomy for that matter, and today I'm sharing some details about mom nature's little secret - and that's honey!

Now I'm not referring to your run of the mill store-bought baby that some of you may be considering. No way. I'm talking about you-your local, raw,organic baby, that in my own case, I get right of the part of the road! Yes, that's right, I'm talking baby from a local bee-keeper who happens to market aid to numerous popular aliments we, as a society have today. More on my honey dealer later!

You do your absolute best to teach yourself and find out how you can control as well as decrease your cholesterol naturally without buying in to the notion that you should do westernized medication to be able to avoid having a heart-attack, if you're like me. Well I would like to present for you something that's not put in a tablet and is I think, a lot better than the medication that eventually ends up damaging your liver. Meet honey with

Would you believe me if I told you that a number of our issues to-day (ADHD, obesity, cancers, an such like) might be expunged simply by returning to the fundamentals of living and keeping things simple? Maybe you'd, maybe you'd not but I can tell you what works for me and ideally it can work for you! Good enough?

Just so that you know, I was 29 I'd a coronary attack back and it was due mainly to the fact I'd a clogged artery. Yes it was a 500-point obstruction combined with the stresses of military life the myocardial infarction was caused by that.

Therefore the documents set me on Statins, which are drugs to simply help lower cholesterol. Difficulty is, after months of taking that stuff blindly, meaning not asking why should I get this because I thought the physician, educated in western philosophy of 'give em a pill and they'll be ok, who's my next patient' I found it to be harmful to my liver, and causing more problems than what I was taking the pill for in the first-place!

You've natural honey and cinnamon, to create a long tale short, I started educated myself on which I could do to avoid this from happening again, naturally and bam. Items that have already been around since the start of time!

Did you know (this is the remove from this post) that by mixing 2 table spoons of cinnamon powder combined in about 16 ounces of tea water, you can decrease your cholesterol by 10 percent? That is huge for all those attempting to get it done naturally like me!

So I needed to ensure you knew this and applied this in to your life so as to assist you produce a better life by making better choices! I hope I've somehow eluded to the truth that I'm here to teach and perhaps not change, therefore do me a favor and let me understand what you thought of the post! If you liked it, then discuss it with someone you know, like and trust! Then some men in black suits will clean you memory from you and come and visit you, if you didn't such as this post, and you may continue about your lifetime!

That's all I've for you today my friend! Allow me to remind you that, when i sign-off. 'Your Goal Should Be Larger Than Your Problems'! You will find more on our motivational page if you're inspired by that. Please enjoy it and tell those you adore! Here are more fun facts about bees!

A honeybee can fly approximately 15 miles per hour.
A honeybee will flap its wings about 11,000 times per minute creating that "BUZZ" sound.
A typical beehive makes more than 400 pounds of honeycomb per year.