Elementary to Secondary

Patty's Transition Between Schools

What is the objective of a transition meeting?

"The school's written plan to assist the student in making a successful transition from school to work, further education, and community living" - Ministry of Education (2002)

The objective of the upcoming transition meeting is to address any concerns and/or questions that Patty or yourself may have about her transition from St. Anne's Elementary School to Assumption Secondary School for the 2015/2016 school year.

We will be discussing the variety of resources and supports both needed and available for this transition. Together we will create a list of goals for Patty, as well as creating and starting a transition plan with a timeline to meet necessary goals and achievements.

What is the Process/What is included in a transition plan?

1.Specific goals for the student's transition to post secondary activities. They will meet the strengths, needs, and interests of Patty.

2.The actions required, now and in the future, to achieve the discussed goals for Patty, also building on her strengths, needs (such as Language), and interests.

3.The person or agency responsible for or involved in completing, or providing assistance in completing, each of the actions. This can include Patty, yourself (parents), educators, specialized supports or community agencies.

4. Timelines for the actions discussed in the transition meeting. This will keep Patty on track through her transition between grades and schools, as well as show teachers and parents her progression throughout in case support is needed else where.

Principals Message

Myself and the involved staff would like to thank-you for the support of Patty's transition from St. Annes Elementary to Assumption Secondary. We are here to support Patty in her road to high school and are hopeful that she will have a successful transition with the involved team. We hope to hear from you soon!


Mrs. Juila Phillips