CHE Kindergarten Art Ideas

Quick and Easy Art Lessons!

Imaginary Line Drawings

In this short lesson, the teacher creates a series of lines that are disconnected and intentionally not drawn with a preconceived finished image in mind. Essentially, you give students a chance to look deeply a variety of lines, as seen in this copies which can be downloaded, printed and distributed to students here.

1) Encourage students to look close at the lines and ask them to turn the paper sideways and upside down and ask them "What type of scene (explain) and ideas do you think you could draw to connect all of these lines into one unified (explain) drawing?

2) Ask them to think very carefully how all of the lines could combine into ONE connected drawing that creates an entire scene, not just multiple disconnected ideas.

3) Have them start drawing their scenes. You might consider showing/holding up student work that is showing a great deal of elaboration in order to guide and prompt students to add details. Have students practice applying their understanding of elaboration by continually having them add details to more clearly communicate what their scene/image is about. Review, with guidance when necessary, where or how additional details could help to tell their story or something about your scene more clearly. The more details the better. This is a good time to have students do a pair and share to gain more insight from table mates or or small groups. The group could generate additional ideas for them to consider and it will alleviate the teacher from hearing lots of "I'm done."

4) Have students carefully add color with crayon.

A couple other drawing ideas...