Green Science Career

Eco and Ethical Fashion Designer

What kind of schooling is needed?

  • BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Marketing

How much is the salary?

  • About $64,530 per year and $31.02 per hour

Different things you would need to use when making clothes

Things that go on at this job

What would you do?

Some of the job duties are cutting, sewing, pattern making, etc. You need to know how cut straight and evenly and how to put together different shapes and patterns to make new clothing. Another thing is you would need to be able to do is to use a sewing machine and also sew things by hand. People who do this job need a good eye for color and design because they need to be able to match colors and patterns to create new designs. They need to be organized and have good communication skills to sell their products.

What is the environmental relationship between the environment and this job?

This job is good for the environment because they do not use animal skins or fur to make their clothing. They use all natural materials to create clothing. This company uses people in small communities to do some of the hand sewing and printing. This helps support those small communities with jobs and income.

What are some advantages?

Some things that you can do with this job are that you can be creative and design new, fun clothes. Also you get to travel all over the world to get very unique, fun things like buttons and fabrics, etc. You can learn about different clutures and see new places.

What are some disadvantages?

There are always some bad things with every job. This job like many others requires a lot of schooling like degrees in art and design and business and marketing. With this job you need to put in some long hours and days at fashion shows. Even though the traveling can be fun, you may be away from home for long periods of time.

Any other interesting facts I found

Some other things they do are designing new collections, updating website blogs, sending off clothes for boutiques or to be part of a fashion show, emailing producers, chasing missing garments, and emails, emails and more emails!