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The spreading of culture, trade, finance, communication, and ideas over international boundaries.

The Four Catagories of Globalization


Growth of the worlds economy adapts from businesses opportunities, manufacturing, and purchasing.

Potential Problems Between U.S and Australia- Economic

Australia has an extremely high dollar compared with the US dollar. This can lead to a number of economic problems such as decreased tourism, investment and our exports becoming less attractive.


Change Dollar


Technology has allowed a social inter connectivity that the world is using to grow and become a more experienced community.

Potential Problems in Australia- Technological

I believe that technology is the cause of a major problem, lack of the ability to communicate with others face to face. We are so comfortable communicating through technology that we don't know how to act when it comes to communicating face to face.

This is well explained by Louis C.K on while on Conans' talk show.


Teach kids how important social contact is and that you cant always rely on technology.


The worlds capability to grow as an environment and understand global concerns

Potential Problems in Australia- Environmental

"In many areas, Australia's temperate zones and coastal ecosystems have been extensively altered, many wetlands have been degraded."(WWF) Deforestation is a big problem in Australia as is Overfishing, pollution, ect. Many of these problems are because of humans and can only be fixed by humans.


Limit fishing, have environmental clean-up and higher fine for littering, save crucial parts of the forest and forbid it from being cut down.


Different ways of living that the world adopted and has the ability to explored

Potential Problems in Australia- Cultural

I also believe that technology is the reason families are becoming distant. The breaking of relationships between humans results in lack of social capability. This is also explained in the Conan video. Without technology families were forced to interact with each other and this helped them become closer and create the "family" bond. With technology there is a lack of family time, families aren't the same that they used to be and it will only get worse as time goes on.


The solution really depends on the family because only the family can fix the problem if they even think its a problem, limit technology time, ect.

conclusion from all maps

Australia is surrounded by sea water.

Procedure of production- Ugg boots

A sheep on a farm somewhere is killed probably for meat and wool but the skin is sent to the Ugg manufacturer in Australia where it is used to develop the structure of the boot that makes it so unique. After the boot is fully developed with the other materials that make it an Ugg boot the boot is then packaged and ready for shipment. A store like Macy's will send an order for the type of shipment they want(bulk,sizes,color,ect.) and then the Manufacturer will gather what the store asked for and then either ship it over sea or by plane. After the boots make it to the store the store will put the product on its shelf where the consumer can then buy the product. The consumer in this case happened to be my mom, who then bought the boots got in her car and drove home, which was where i was.

Globalization in my life

Globalization is not always a good thing it has bad qualities also, like most everything in the world. Technology can become too much my main focus sometimes and a lot of the time i catch myself on my phone instead of being social. On the other hand, Technology is opening doors to the world that i would never be able to experience without technology. Technology is helping me grow as a person and though it might be too much sometimes its a great thing to be able to have.