Pixton Comics

Professional Developmnent

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Pixton Comics is a great site for teachers who are trying to integrate technology into the classroom. It reaches across disciplines and allows learners to take control of their understanding. Using visual aids to supplement traditional text, allowing students a different means for receiving content and understanding.

Reasons Teachers should Try Pixton

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Overall, Pixton allows the teacher to bring fun and student engagement back to the most boring topics. Cartoons can be created to express any type of content, and it helps all students analyze for deeper understanding.

It also motivates students to take control of their learning and plan out their cartoon. It requires them to think about their understanding and create visual and text out of it. The creativity involved pushes students to reach outside their typical boxes and think deeper about content.

Example of Student Work

Reading Comprehension

Cartoons provide a great way for teachers to work on Reading Comprehension skills with all students. Shuffling cartoons out of order and asking students to place them in the correct order will cause them to notice the sequence of the story line using the progression of the visual characters.
Pixton for Schools - Award Winning Comic Making Tool