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February 2, 2016

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Designed for K-12 educators and students, the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository (LOR) is a place where districts can store, manage and share all of their licensed and user-created digital resources for access anytime, anywhere. Users can upload 50+ files types, including video, IWB files, web links, eBooks and more, as well as manage and access all of these resources from school or at home on any device, including mobile devices and large screens.

Key Benefits of the SAFARI Montage LOR:

· Perform a federated search of all district-hosted learning resources and third-party databases

· Convert video files into multiple bit rates to enable appropriately sized playback for mobile devices and large screens

· Easily integrate with other school district systems, including LMSs, web-based databases, SISs and more

· Learn how the SAFARI Montage LOR has had a dramatic impact on teaching and learning in Forsyth County Schools, GA:

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PSS EdTech is an awarded DigitalEdge vendor

DigitalEdge Contract #ESD112-DE-16A

Awarded States: AK / CA / CO / HI / ID / MT / NV / NM / OR / UT / WA / WY

PSS EdTech Solutions for Educational Technology, Wireless Devices and Audio-Visual Equipment Catalog available on our DigitalEdge website

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Copia Class is a cloud-based solution that allows students, teachers and administrators to access instructional content from a variety of sources in a single platorm. Copia collaborates with leading publishers and content providers to create a unique subscription-based consumption model that is supported by an unprecedented array of digital instructional materials.

Educator Advantages:

  • An ability to merge personalized content with the collaboration tools that ensure differentiated learning
  • Formative Assessments provide a real-time view into how well students are learning
  • Access to a content library with hundreds of thousands of titles that span major publishers, supplementary providers, and open educational resources (OER)
  • Single-Sign-On services for educational resources that streamline access to diverse instructional portals and sites

District/School Advantages:

  • A seamless environment to aggregate, purchase, and access a comprehensive selection of content objects and Web resources
  • A customizable dashboard that measures real-time student progress and provides data-driven analytics to help determine instructional direction
  • Flexible purchasing options that accommodate diverse budgetary goals
  • Copia works offline as well as on, so students without internet access at home still have visibility into the course content and assignments.

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Contact CTS to learn how Copia Class can help you improve student outcomes!

Complete Tablet Solutions website:
Phone: 512-501-6358

DigitalEdge Contract #ESD112-DE-16A

Awarded States: AK / CA / CO / HI / ID / MT / NV / NM / OR / UT / WA / WY

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