People Against Climate Change

PACC Club Information

We will meet every Thursday afterschool for until 4pm in the cafeteria, everyone is welcome!

The first meeting will take place on March 5th 2015 and will continue until April 9th 2015

Activities in PACC

This club is working to increase people's understanding of climate change

To do this we will:

  • have weekly meetings where we discuss the current events surrounding climate change, issues and solutions
  • we will discuss the relationship between deforestation and climate change and what we can do to help
  • have excursions where we visit local places that are working on improving climate change and learn what they are doing
  • hold events in the school where proceeds are donated to organizations that are improving climate change, this way we can start to make a change through our donations but it will also increase understanding of climate change to students in the school (e.g. buyouts for climate change)

Our Goal

Our main goal is to increase people's understanding of climate change, we will do this through the activities held during club meetings. We want people to understand the importance of stopping climate change and what each individual can do to help. We will largely focus on the relationship between deforestation and climate change and the issues that accompany these things. Club members will become experts on climate change and we hope that they become more inspired to take care of the environment. The school will also become educated on climate change through the school events PACC will hold.

PACC brings positive change and awareness

To determine if my club, People against Climate Change, brought about positive change or awareness about climate change I will have to consider many things. One thing that I will consider is how many people attend the club. Each club meeting I would count how many people attend and then over time I could see if this number is increasing, decreasing or staying steady. This will allow me to know how many people are interested in climate change and how many people like to learn more about it. If the number of attendees are staying steady or increasing, it means that people want to learn about climate change and also that people are learning about it. In the PACC club there will be frequent outside excursions to places that are working on improving climate change. Club members will participate in bettering climate change and doing practical things to help the cause. This will allow positive change because the whole club will be working together. As a club we could also hold events around the school, such as buy-outs. Students could buy tickets for climate change and the money would be donated to organizations that are working hard to better climate change. The more successful these events are the better for the club. Awareness would be raised because people in the school will be going to a buy-out for climate change and it will also bring positive change because money is going directly to people that could put the money to use quickly. Through these three ways, I can tell how much awareness and positivity People against Climate Change has brought.