Come and learn about the early civilazations


The Incas grew corn and potato. They worshiped Incas gods and the nobles ran the government system. The Inca were the first to do Brain Surgery and built roadways. They were from Peru. They built Temples to worship the gods. They used glyph to write.


The Aztecs were from many places all of witch you will learn about if you visit. They were from, northwest desert of Mexico and Guatemala. They built Temples, Palaces and city walls. They made gold beads, stone urns, pottery and headdresses.


The Mayans originated in highlands and lowlands of Mesoamerica. They made murals and more than 40 cities. They drew symbols and used glyph. They had big cities ruled by Kings and Priests. They invented mathematics.

Farming Methods

Inca- They would cut terraces into the side of Mountains. To get the most out of there land they farmed and raised animals.

Mayan- They used the slash and burn method. They also had raised field farming.

Aztecs- They used Campinas. They had big crops and small, personal crops.


Aztecs- Popcorn

Inca- Calendar

Maya- Religious centers (churches)

Cultural Traditions

Maya- During childhood the forehead was temporarily flattened.

Aztecs- They had human sacrifice.

Inca- They had the festival of sun.