RED Tailed Hawk



The red tail Hawk is dark brown and reddish brown.

Their height is 29-38 inches or up to 3 feet tall.

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Hawks eat small mammals including mice,rabbits and squirrels. They also eat fish,snakes,frogs and earthworms.
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Red Tailed Hawks live in fields and on farms. Red Tailed Hawks land on telephone poles, posts and/or trees.
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In winter Red Tailed Hawks migrate (move) from northern to southern Wisconsin.

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Before breeding in March, Red-tailed hawks perform a quite dramatic courtship display. There display begins with both the male and female soaring in wide circles.
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In the wild, they are expected to live for 10-21 years. They reach reproductive maturity when they are about 3 years old.
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5-7 Interesting Facts

In flight, hawks travel at speeds from 20 to 40 mph; however, when diving to catch prey, their speed may exceed 120 mph. Red-tailed hawks have a very keen eyesight that is 8 times as powerful as a human's, allowing them to see prey as small as a mouse from 100 feet away. They have a meaning in the Native American Culture; their feathers are considered sacred by some tribes.
Red tail hawk babies


By: Dakota Hofman