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the koalas habitat is in the wooded parts of Australia. They live in hot or cold climates."They eat the leaves of eucalyptus trees." ( Koalas, up close and personal). It also lives in places like Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.
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Koalas claws are sharp, curved claws because of that it makes it easy to climb. ( Koala ). Despite their small size Koalas are strong, and steady climbers, they are usually slow but when necessary they gallop.
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Body Covering

the koala has a thick coat that is woolly, dense, and soft and what most people think sort of look like a teddy bear.( koalas) most of there body is just basically covered with fur and nothing else
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All koalas eat leaves and that's really all they eat. By adult age koalas only eat leaves from a eucalyptus tree and nothing else. it just mostly spends time in the trees eating, sleeping, or taking care of their young. The average koala eats about 3 pounds of leaves per day.(koala)"For most animals the eucalyptus tree taste poisonous and the leaves are to hard to swallow but the koala has a long intestinal pouch that harbors beneficial bacteria that help break down the toxic substances and tannin's within the leaves." ( Koala) even thought koalas have much spare energy from just sitting around and sleeping. They don't really drink any water because they get a liquid from the eucalyptus tree.
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Female Koalas often give birth to small and weak offspring. (Koalas). Females put baby koalas in there pouches and back so the baby koala can get better and develops more. Once its leaves the pouch the baby koalas start eating leaves to become stronger ( Koalas, up close and personal).
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Even thought the koala looks like a cute teddy bear, its extremely hard/strong and its claws are made for fighting and climbing. Since it has special bacteria in its mouth its able to eat the euclayptus that most animals cannot. even though they are weak when they are born, as time goes on koalas start toget stronger witch helps them live a better life and fight off enemies they really do not hunt and only eat from the trees.
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Other Info

A big part of the koalas population have a disease called chlamydia that can cause blindness, infertility in only females, and pneumonia. ( Koalas). Koalas were almost extinct in the 1920's since there were hunted for their fur, now their population is scattered it's illegal now to kill koalas.
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