Mrs. Williams' Class

March Updates


The school had a lot of fun with the 2014 Winter Olympics! Each grade level had the opportunity to track a different country to see how they were doing in the medal race! As 5th graders, we had Norway. They did pretty well! We had a lot of fun having our own Ivy "Olympic Torch" travel through the halls of school.

5th Grade Wax Museum

Wednesday, March 19th, 7pm

2211 N Burke Dr

Arlington Heights, IL

Come one, come all to the 2014 Wax Museum! Mark your calendars! We will have our annual 5th grade Wax Museum on Wednesday, March 19th from 7:00 - 8:00 pm.

Curriculum News & Reviews


In February, we focused on the genre of Nonfiction. Students had the opportunity to read 3 or more books on any nonfiction topic. After researching, students created a newspaper based off of their findings. Students also had to focus on their nonfiction readings for their monthly letter. We also started digging into inferencing as readers.

In the month of March, we are continuing our exploration into inferencing. We will be discussing the different ways to make inferences while reading and different types of inferences you can make. Students are continuing to use the "formula" for inferencing: BK + TC = I. Or Background Knowledge + Text Clues = Infer Meaning.

Some of our time during the month of March will be used to focus in on our March genre of biographies/autobiographies. Students are reading these biographies/autobiographies and are required to create a Monthly Letter based off of their reading. The monthly letter requirements are posted to the class blog and can be found here:

Letters are due Monday, March 31st. But may be turned in for extra credit on or before Friday, March 21st.

We will be completing our Wax Museum project in lieu of a book report this month.


We will be completing two big items during writing in March. To start off the month, we are taking a break from WEX to research and write our Wax Museum scripts. Students should have begun the research process this week. Students have a tight timeline to complete all of their work in time for our big Wax Museum debut!

The Wax Museum timeline:
All research and planning sheets need to be completed by Monday, March 10th.

All scripts need to be written by Wednesday, March 12th.

Dress rehearsal (in class performance) will be on Monday, March 17th.

Wax Museum performance will be on Wednesday, March 19th. Students will be performing for the school during the day and for family members that evening.

To end the month, students will be finishing their work with The Libration of Gabriel King by K.L. Going. We have been working on using the text to write responses to prompts about literature. Students will be putting together a final piece that is a collection of two moments they have written about that reflect on one of the character's character traits. These final pieces will be a final grade for this unit in WEX.


In my math class, students are completing Chapter 6 in our Everyday Math program. This chapter reviewed various ways to record and understand data. Upon our completion of Chapter 6, we will move into Chapter 7. Chapter 7's major concepts cover exponential notation, scientific notation, review of parentheses, review of order of operation, comparing negative numbers, as well as adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers.

Science/Social Studies

We just wrapped up our unit on Water. Students had a lot of fun working through various experiments.

We are moving back into a new Social Studies unit. The current chapter we are working on is focusing on the formation of our government after the Revolutionary War and the 3 branches within our government. We have had many great discussions about the different branches of government so far in class. I have been extremely impressed with the classes ability to think critically and ask meaningful questions!

Important Dates (In Order)

Monday, March 3rd - Friday, March 7th - ISAT Week

Monday, March 10th - Wax Museum Planning Sheets Due
Wednesday, March 12th - Wax Museum Scripts Due

Friday, March 14th - 2nd Trimester Report Cards Go Home Today

Monday, March 17th - Wax Museum Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday, March 19th - Wax Museum Performances

Friday, March 21st - Last Day to Submit March Monthly Letter for Extra Credit

Monday March 24th - Friday, March 28th - Spring Break

Monday, March 31st - March Monthly Letters Due