NCVPS Latin I Newsletter

Mrs. Pratt, Sections 2 & 13, Week 12/8-12/12

Salvete, omnes!

I hope all is going well with you. Please take a look at this week's newsletter for the schedule and some good info. Have a great week!

This week's schedule

Below, please find a copy of this week's schedule.
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Work from 1st nine weeks

Just a quick note. I have emailed students and put this in their daily announcements but I wanted to let parents/ELAs know too. If a student has gone back and done any work for the first nine weeks, they MUST submit a list of those assignments to me, via email or text, to receive credit. Simply completing/redoing the work will not get them credit. I do not deduct late points and will update grades, provided I am given a list of work. Please let students know this is not optional. If I do not receive any list, I will not go back into the first nine weeks and look for work. Thanks for your help on this.

Unit Assessments

This week is the unit 5 assessment. Please encourage students to take their time and do their best. These count more than all the other assignments in the unit and can really help their grades. Thanks!
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