Jocelyn Huffort

What holidays are celebrated in Venezuela and how do people react to them?

People in Venezuela celebrate many fiestas some of the popular ones are ''Feria de San Sebastian, and Feria de la Chinita.''

What is Venezuela's main resources?

Venezuela's main resources are oil, petroleum , natural gas , iron ore , gold , bauxite , diamonds , hydropower , and different kinds of minerals.

What happend in Venezulea's history?

Christopher Columbus was the first European to arrive in Venezuela.

How did the Angel Falls get its name and who came up with it?

Jimmy Angel was the first to discover Angel Falls but he was also the one who came up with the name, he was a pilot and he was searching for gold and diamonds. While he was searching he came across Angel Falls on November 18th 1935.He decided it should be named after his last name.