Looking for more O2 information?

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Let's go a little further into this.

Hi there!

Looking for more information to run your O2 business?

Last week there were several things that I am sure kept you busy reading and pulling things together. But you know there's got to be more! Here are my suggestions for you this week:

Check out the Coaching for Success document. This will help you steer your hostess and have an amazing O2 event. Helping your hostess with her needs to hold the party will ultimately make your party not only easy but successful! You will find a worksheet that you can print out for every party and you won't miss a thing.

Having trouble knowing who to start with? Take the Hot 100 List and create a place to begin your business. Once you get started you will be amazed at how many people you know. Once you are finished withit, refer to it often!

DO you feel like you have a lot going on with this business and don't know where to focus? Try using this Getting Started Checklist to guide you through some activities. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to be a smashing success!

Remember I am here to help if you have any questions or even any problems with the links provided. :)

As always, {DREAM BIG}!

-Erin Maulucci
Team Leader