Barefoot Waterskiing

By: Stephanie Curry

Have You Ever Tried Barefooting?

Barefooting is just waterskiing, except with no skis and going between 20 to 45 miles per hour. This book has everything you need to know. If you are having trouble because you don’t know what water is best for barefooting, then read this book. There is a whole section that explains what kind of water is best for barefooting. Do you wear just a swimsuit and a life jacket? Go to that front page and you will find out. Do you want to know more about barefooting gear? Then soak yourself into the whole section just about gear. Are you a beginner? Do you know what part of your feet you use when you barefoot? The part you need to use is.................. Actually why don’t you just turn the pages of this book and find out. Do you know how to find out what speed you need to go at? It all depends on your weight. All you have to do is open this wonderful book. Obviously in barefooting you have to fall some time. The question is do you know how to fall? I guess you will just have to find out when you tuck and roll into this book.