Choose Me To Be School Leader

About me

My name is Natalie Tang and i am in 5K.Lots of people know me because i injured my leg but there is more to my life that you don't know. To start off, my favourite subject in school is maths, do you know why i like maths? I like maths because i like solving equations and also learning different skills while having fun! My friends come up with many funny nicknames for me such as 'The bow one' or 'The tall one'. My friends came up with those nicknames because obviously I am obsessed with Bows! I own many bows, and they all come in different kinds of colours and patterns. I love bows because you can wear bows with many different outfits. 'The tall one' was created because i am the tallest out of my friends. The person that I look up to is Bethany Mota, the famous Amercian Youtuber. She is beauty guru and is currently on American's Dancing With The Stars. She provides many ideas on a variety of things, such as: Food, hairstyles, outfits, DIY (Do it yourself) activities and many more! . Other YouTubers i like are BfvsGf, shaytards, Rclbeauty101 and many more. My current favourite song is All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor, Best mistake by Ariana Grande, Fancy by Iggy Azalea because they are so catchy and have been on repeat for a long time! Now that I have told you a lot of my interests, I hope that you vote for me because you can feel comfortable around me and we can speak about each other's interests.

What Makes a Good Leader?

A good leader must be responsible, honest and a positive role model. A reason why a good leader needs to be responsible is because they would need to take care of everyone. An example would be, Mrs Hidson as she would need to be responsible for all teachers and students,so she can control how things work in the school like the school fete. Another quality that a good leader must have is honesty. If a good leader doesn't have honesty then trust will be lost and it would be hard to gain trust again and the reason why a good leader must be a positive role model is because they will let the junior kids follow into their footsteps and be kind to one another.

Why Should I Be School Leader?

Why should I be leader? Well I think I should be leader because I have many different qualities such as being responsible , confidence and honesty. You should vote for me because I will help the school in a positive way.If a student wants something to happen to the school I will try and I will try my best to make it happen. If you are feeling upset, you can come up to me and I will make you feel better and I am sure that I will never lie and always be honest to everything. There are the reasons why YOU should vote for me!
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