by Tatum Helms

Definition of Communication

Communication- communication is the process of conveying information in such a way that the message is received and understood.

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Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Verbal Communication- involves the use of words

examples: speaking, texting, and listening.

Nonverbal Communication- involves sending messages without words

examples: nodding head, clapping, flying kiss

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language that consists of words and phrases that are informal.

examples: frienemy, awesomcity, and my bad

When is slang appropriate for use?

In a personal letter to a close friend, or when you are communicating casually with people who understand what you are talking about.

I Message and You Message

I message- taking ownership of your feelings, instead of critisizig the other person

examples: 'i' think you are ignoring me

You message- accusations

examples: 'you' are ignoring me

Which type of message is best and why?

An I message is better to use because the other person can take it the wrong way and start a argument.

8 Tips for better communication

  1. pay attention
  2. be interested
  3. be patient
  4. keep the speaker in mind
  5. stay focused
  6. use reflection
  7. listen to the speakers tone of voice
  8. be positive

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8 tips to manage conflicts

  1. Do not reopen old issues that have already been settled.
  2. Try to be pleasant rather than grouchy
  3. Say what must be said and stop. Don't continue talking about one issue and keep repeating yourself.
  4. Try to end on a positive note. Make a positive comment about the person or situation.
  5. Discuss the problem without making nasty comments or accusations that would hurt the other person.
  6. Help people see that you like them, even if you don't like their behavior .
  7. Recognize your own faults and accept them. Don't blame them on others.
  8. Keep an issue simple. Don't add other issues to it. Building the issues up until it becomes a major problem is not good.
  • skills for personal and family living