The International Space Station

The international space station took ten years to build and with 46 flights in to space 36 us and nine Russia missions. With the help
of 100,000 people 16 countries all around the world.We use the ISS for experiments like biology, human biology, physics,astronomy, meteorology , microgravity and space environment.The ISS is as big as a football field.

Life in space

The astronauts have to work out for two hours a day because of the low gravity, there missions last about six months. It takes a day to get ready to go out into space and takes about seven hours they have a total of 1,705 hours in space.The ISS has been visited by 196 people from eight different country's.
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Fun Facts

The International Space Station had tenth anniversary on November 2, 2010 and had orbit
earth 68,519 times and 1.7 billion miles. 3.3 million soft ware code supports the 1.8 million of code in flight. It is 230 miles high and has a speed of 4,791 miles per hour and cost 150 billion dollars.It weights 14720000 ounces or 920000 pounds or 460 tons.