KICS Occasional Email

November/December 2015

EER: Making sure the data is ready.

As we all think about the end of the year it is a good time to ensure that EER data can flow with credibility. This email pulls together some ideas I use when supporting a provider prepare for EER.

So what data do you need to have in place ?

It is really important that as a provider you have at least six ongoing data sets, some that are reviewed monthly, other six monthly, while others annually.

  • Attendance
  • Student progress
  • Completions
  • Graduation
  • Employment
  • Graduate, Student, Employer Feedback

So what do you need to do with the data ?

Having identified 6 - 8 data sets ensure the data is gathered and systematically analyzed

Present it it in simple data table that summarise the data, per individual, per class, per intake, per site, per gender, per ethnic grouping etc

What questions do you need to answer ?

Use this template to create the story response to the data sets outlined above

  • What has happened at the PTE ? where does the data point to this issue ?
  • How do you know ? [what data provides the evidence]
  • Based on the data, what do you know ? what do you think?
  • Why do you think this ? [Using the data as the foundational evidence]
  • Based on this thinking what have you done?
  • How have these actions improved the outcomes at the PTE ? [this is a key step]
  • How do you know things have improved? [Using data as the evidence]

What data is telling you about the improvement

Trust your ongoing EER work goes well

This is a task that needs to happen every month over the 4 year EER cycle. Do not leave it that last month before the EER event.

Happy to chat about any of this if need be, over the past five years I have supported a provider with a half day input through to half a day monthly for eighteen months

Just give me a call.