My BrainPOP


We all know BrainPOP has great videos and quizzes, but there’s so much more!! In this training, you will learn all about My BrainPOP for student accounts as well as the amazing activities you can assign! Be prepared to “wow” your teacher friends and students because you will leave saying, “I didn’t know BrainPOP could do that!”


Big picture


  • Participants will successfully create and log into their BrainPOP student accounts.
  • Participants will spend time exploring the BrainPOP activities.
  • Participants will walk through how to create class assignments.
  • Participants will complete a survey quiz about the BrainPOP training.

Success Criteria

I know I’m successful when I can:

  • Log into My BrainPOP account.
  • Submit activities to my teacher/trainer.
  • Locate where to create assignments for my own students.
  • Answer questions honestly about today’s training.

Task 1

Guimbellot's Training Student Code

Join my class as a student. Go to Brainpop. Click on Enter Code. Here is the code:


Quiz Mixer Code: b2b002