The Gold Rush


What is The Gold Rush?

Gold Rush is a period of time where lots of workers migrate to a area where lots of area of gold was found. Gold was first discovered by the Tagish First Nations people, at Horsefly River in 1859. Then more gold was discovered around that same area within miles. But the actual Gold Rush did not start until a incredible amount of gold was found and was wildly publicized. By the time it reached 1865, following discoveries were made at William Creeks and area along side.


Richfield was the first gold discovery on Williams Creek, and it has became the main

resource and settlement of government in the region. Connected to it was the canyon of Williams Creek, Richfield and few other towns became one, and all merged into"Greater Barkerville" .

Why is the Gold Rush the Most Historically Significant.

The Gold rush effected quite lot of people, Towns along side the main gold deposits were all effected.Workers and people from the government would settle in the towns near by. The Gold Rush caused quite a lot of chaos, due to the publicity of gold deposits. British Columbia is a province that was created or formed after the Cariboo rush,(The Cariboo Rush is known as the rush that was discovered in British Columbia.)

Other Historically Significant Evens


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